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What a prat...who,me ???

Today I went and paid client some dosh for a piece I had sold for him on a commission basis.

I did loads of general running round, viewed some pieces in a private house.....bought a few.
It was heading towards lunchtime and I was hungry so stopped off and bought some fruit to munch. Paid with a big note and got such dirty looks.

When I got home. I counted up my dosh and was well short. I was convinced the supermarket had short changed me.

A short time ago the phone rang. It was my client. I had over paid him by a big chunk.........phew !!!!!

We work so hard for our money to have lost it because I am such a prat would have been awful.
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What an honest client!

I'm glad you didn't lose it - that is so frustrating. I lost £20 the other day, no idea where but I'd rather had given it away than not know where it's gone.
Love the avatar Niax.

Your weight loss is looking pretty impressive. You must be getting close to riding weight again.

Yes, what an honest bloke but I have sold thousands of €'s worth of stuff for them and we have a good relationship.

It was such relief because € notes go up to 500. We have 50's, 100's 200's and 500's, that is £437 in one note. Ridiculous.

I had changed a 200€ note( £175) and could not account for 100€ (£88). Pretty worrying as it was money to pay a bill.


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I'm feeling much more comfy now Sue. I've been riding my Clydesdale as he's a weight carrier but I want to lose another 12lb before getting on any of the others. That hopefully won't be too long though.

That's a lot of money to lose, thank goodness for good working relationships!


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It all depends on the type of horse you have. The Clydesdale is a breed that historically was used as a draft horse, so Hagrid (yep, named after Harry Potter) is more than capable of carrying me.

I do have finer horses that I haven't ridden for a while. Once I've lost another 12lb, I'll ride them for short periods. I'll be much happier when I'm around 15 stone, which is 2st 6.5lb away :)
Shirleen said:
Oh lucky for you Sue!!!!

Just out of interest what is maximum riding weight?
This is an age old debate! Alot of it depends on how good a rider you are too! When I worked on a competition yard, the owner would let me ride all her horses, but the other groom who was probably about 4/5 stone lighter was only allowed to ride a few of them! This is because the yard owner has known me all my riding life and as I'm quite a competant rider I carry my weight alot better in the saddle-if that makes sense! Which is why I get sooo frustrated at riding holidays and things that have a fixed weight limit with no leeway on it!!! :)

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Hurrah for honest people. I can't believe you have 500 euro notes, I bet not many places even take them. So many places won't even accept £50 notes here.
Hurrah for honest people. I can't believe you have 500 euro notes, I bet not many places even take them. So many places won't even accept £50 notes here.
That is true and some places will not take the 200's either.

We have a "pen" to test them at work because at one time there were so many forgeries about.

I hope we lots of them to test tomorrow lol !!!

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