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  1. My~Turn~Now

    My~Turn~Now Full Member

    sorry for not being around much this week

    blurgh! thats how i feel. its totm which means horrid tum pains and 'feel' starving. little man has decided he doesnt like one of his meds so has learnt to spit it up even when we hold his nose. only having these short doses with spilling bits everywhere has meant his condition isnt under control... which means no sleep as he cant lay down :cry: i went to bed at 6.30am today and had to get up at 8 for my boys to go to footy. unavoidable when your dh is the manager and coach :rolleyes: each day since wed has been pretty much the same :cry:

    im soo tired. do i want to eat? maybe if i gave it enough thought but all i can and will think of is my pillows. im sticking to the 'comfort' meals. you know the ones - hot fudge, banana custard, cheesecake smoothie. im ok with that but i would sell one of my kids and throw in a free hubby for a few hours sleep right now :sigh:

    normal chirpy service will resume soon :eek: xx
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    Aww, bless Jan....sounds like you are going through it. :(


    Get some rest as soon as you can, and hopefully that will refresh you.

    Just remember, sticking tot he diet is ne thing you can have control over, and that might help you actually....it can be your constant in stormy times.

    Hope everything calms down soon, but really hope you get some rest today.

  4. My~Turn~Now

    My~Turn~Now Full Member

    thanks Jan, ive no intention of slipping from the diet. I love being able to do this diet come what may.

    I snook his meds into a mouthful of peach this morning and he'd swallowed before he sussed me. i might get away with it again ;) i hope so. i never thought Id look back wiahfully at the time he was fed with an NGT. meds were no prob then :rolleyes:. only another 2 years or so until he's old enough for me to bribe with a lolly...:)

    im spending the day vegging and ignoring the housework. x
  5. bexnkev

    bexnkev Silver Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi Jan,
    I hope the week improves for you and you do finally get some quality sleep... you are doing amazing on the diet and in the circumstances it would have been easy to give up so give yourself a huge pat on the back. Well done you and good for you for ignoring the housework and chilling out... it can wait, you are more important :)
  6. My~Turn~Now

    My~Turn~Now Full Member

    thank you Bex. DH has called to say he is sending me to bed when he gets home so i have done a little house work as a token gesture and put him a stew on to cook ;)
  7. hooley

    hooley Full Member

    hi hun. i do hope you feel better soon. i have been feeling a bit 'blurgh' over the last few days too. no real reason behind mine but very tired, lethargic and drained. you have put it all in perspective for me as i dont have a poorly little boy to look after and i have been getting all the sleep i need - time to buck myself up i feel!! take care and i hope you manage to have a good sleep this afternoon. keep up the good work with the diet too - well done for keeping going with all the psychological reasons you could give for lapsing - an inspiration to us all. x x x
  8. My~Turn~Now

    My~Turn~Now Full Member

    thanks for your support :) it means a lot. i did have a lovely sleep yesterday and although it was another rough night dh left me in bed until 10am, bless him so feel half human today :)

    Hooley, Im sorry i cant for the life of me remember your first name :eek: i hope your feeling more yourself soon. perhaps your coming down with something? i hope not xx
  9. hooley

    hooley Full Member

    so glad you are feeling slightly more human - sleep deprivation is one of the worst things to bring you down.
    im feeling loads better now - it was just a little blip i think - feeling the cold and a bit more tired than normal.
    i had my blood pressure and pulse taken yesterday and all is normal and im on a high again today - weigh-in this evening, so looking forward to that.
    Have a good day and good luck with your weight loss this week. x x
    ( oh, its juliet, btw but Hooley is fine. x x )
  10. My~Turn~Now

    My~Turn~Now Full Member

    glad your feeling refreshed :) gawd do i know what you mean about the cold!

    good luck tonight x
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