what a week


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i feel like this week has been more of a rolloercoaster than the 11 weeks before!
at the start of the week i have been feeling really ill, been feeling v dizzy most of the time and no energy. anyways went to my week 11 of ll on tuesday told the lady and we both aggreed that i would start RTM early ive lost over 3 stone which im happy with and i felt that my body had had enough of diet, anyways eat something on tuesday night went to my 2nd job in bar wednesday morning and after being there about half hour felt all faint and got sent home! stayed in bed all day spoke to ll medical and they said ring docotrs, spoke to docotr he said when ur eating "normally" u will b back to normal, dont think he relised that u dont just eat normal when u finish 4 shakes a day! anyways been feeling like this all week, spoke to ll lady this morning and she said start at week4 of RTM so im allowed more choice, been really stressed out as really worrying that my portions r to big! its sooooo hard and also that im going to put my weight back on, still feeling crappy but hoping my body will sort its self out in few days! sorry for long post i just want to scream!!!!!!!!! ive gone from no choice to loads of choice!
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If it makes you feel any better, I do know where you are coming from. I got really ill towards the end of my 10 months of abstinence. You sound like you have a very supportive LLC so use her to help guide you through portion sizes and if you have any worries which I know you do. I wasn't so lucky to have that support so I am now on WW but I still have the same worries!! I put on weight in my first week!! I am now losing nicely...always pop on here and on the RTM site...you have to do it this way as it's your health that will suffer if you don't!! there is always support here so don't think you are alone x take care and I hope you feel better soon x