What about Beauty ?


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Hi Ladies ( and metro men)

I was wondering (because its something I have to attend to ) what you are doing regarding beauty along side the program?

I was able to buy some nice items at a second hand shop for larger ladies while on holiday...I was not prepared to pay the prices for anything large in london because my choices were so limited.

That said being overweight my beauty routine has really been put aside for a few years. But now I intend to reclaim and express beauty for myself as an essential part of this program.

I am looking at natural products for my hair, but the biggie is Skin. Gosh my skin looks so dull and lifeless and ashy.

I had big issues around the beauty industry and retouching of images, but a big part of my motivation of this diet is wanting my beauty back and visible, so who am I kidding?

I used to like homemade oatmeal and avocado packs for hair and skin...I will have to give those a miss cos I might be tempted to nibble :p

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Hi Belle,

I've always been a bit of a make up freak lol. So that never really stopped as i got larger. But as in taking care of my body skin wise I never really bothered. I think (hope) as I get slimmer I will moisturise more and do my nails etc. I think as your self esteem slides when you get bigger (for me anyway) I spend less time on a routine.

I see now that my make up routine was all covering up tactics, I would wear heavy make up to kind of hide the fact I am big.

I'm really loking forward to wearing accessories! My wardrobe at the moment consists of elasticated waisted flairy hippy skirts and simple black tops. I never wear earrings, jewelry, scarfs etc, it all feels too fussy. But I reckon when I am slim I will feel I 'deserve' to wear these beautiful things and look good.

One thing I try not to skimp on is my hair. Its really naturally curly, and i never wear it like that because i always think I look like a big fat clown!! So I straighten it daily, so I would like to go back to wearing it curly. I also try to keep my products natural. For moisturiser I use simple E45 cream, although last wek I bought a serum for my wrinkles lol. And to make my hair shine, instead of using gloss I use a tiny tiny amount of olive on rubbed into my hands then put it through my hair. Cheaper and more natural! xxx

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Hi, after losing 4 1/2 stone on CD, i actually retrained as a beauty therapist. So i now take much better care of myself.

You are right though, we get to a certain size (differs for each person) and we just start to neglect ourselves...... Y is that?? is it because our self esteem is so low, that we think we shouldn't even try?

Everyone can look good, regardless of weight/dress size. We should treat ourselves regularly, and look after what we have.


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I plan on taking better care of myself. I didn't let myself go when I gained weight, I generally just stopped doing alot when I moved in with my OH. Legs get shaved on special occasions etc :giggle: I'd like that to change :). My CDC said my skin in general is good, she said shes jealous of my skin. So I'm just going to moisturize more as that can't hurt, can it :). Might book myself in to get legs waxed, eye brows etc every few weeks as recommended and that can be my treat :).


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I've done a few things in the way of beauty for the program. First off, I've begun to use a firming lotion with additives like copper to help brighten up the skin tone and things like that. Also, I got a haircut which actually forces me to style my hair instead of just sticking it up in a pony. As far as clothes are concerned, in the US we have stores called consignment shops where you can go and purchase gently used clothing. Its kind of hit and miss and sometimes you'll leave with 10 things and sometimes nothing, but each item is right around $10, pretty good when it was originally $80.