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What about this hair loss?


Carpe diem, baby!
You won't go bald, if that's the worry, it seems it is a common side effect of ketosis...or so I was told...although I seemed to be the only one affected in my group (lighterlife) with lots of falling hair...it soon grew back once on normal food and I had loads of baby hairs growing for ages, so it came back...thing is it is wavy rather than straight now, but I think that had to do with pregnancy and birth rather than the diet...or maybe it was a combo?
i found that whilst using LT i didnt tend to lose as much hair as i usually did when i brushed my hair but once i finished it was back to normal and that it seemed excessive..it does slow down again though..so i wouldnt worry about it :)

h xx
your hair wont fall out altogether! well i hope not anyway. it does go a bit thinner but i think that will stop after a while. i suffered hair loss before i started LT and i felt horrible about it but when I started LT my hair stopped falling... explain that! lol
Some people lose hair after they start eating again but I started losing after a few weeks on LT! My hair is now much thinner than it was when I started and I miss my previously thick and difficult to manage mop but I hope it will start thicking up again now I'm refeeding.

ok... some people might find it a bit odd but you should rub oil into your hair... especially the scalp and roots etc.... its meant to strengthen your roots and also massaging helps with the circulation of blood and the rest of the doo daah... generally putting oil in your hair keeps it healthy and shiny... but obviously wash it out ! .. dont walk around like a greaseball xx :p

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