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what aligns you?


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I was wondering today the wonderful things we can do to stay aligned,keeping our eyes on goal and be happy and positive on the course of our CD journey. My fave things to keep me aligned to all the best in the universe are: (1) diet coke :) (2) manicures (3)speaking to my mom (4) working out hard! (5) listening to my fave music -kings of leon,dave matthews,dancey stuff (6)being grateful for my lot. What are yours?
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I think the things that are best for me are being grateful and forgiving. Also trying not to be judgemental. These attitudes make you happy. Not always easy to do though!


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I know it's amazing how quickly a rampage of appreciation will bring you right back into alignment! I love it :)
I am really enjoying my weekly trip to Boots for pamper treats and I go to bed early everynight now and have a pamper session, im loving this time as I used to only do it once or twice a month, my skin has never felt or looked as good.

Im looking forward to losing weight cos I would love to buy a horse again for me and girls and go iceskating with them and join a salsa class all I wont do now. So looking forward to the future.
For me it is the feeling of getting to know myself.
I am a lot calmer, a lot more self accepting and a lot happier.
Even though I am going through a lot of emotional turmoil in my life, I still feel that I have and am continuing to find a peace within myslef that I havent experienced before.
I know it's not all CD, but it is CD that has allowed me to make the changes.


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Thats wonderful to hear ladies. I know the feeling of having a lighter tummy/body really helps clarify the mind too.
I think it will make me feel more confident and happy with myself, banish my demons
I am loving finding myself too. Without food I have time to focus more on who I am. It's no longer like there is a gap in my life (food) and more like I am excited that I have all this time to find out about who I really am :)


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who knew we were aligning ourselves with all the good in the universe while on CD ;) love it!


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It is all about the future for me to!

Holidays, weddings, family fatherings, my wedding (eventually)!

One thing I find that really motivates me is to buy clothes that are smaller, I have only been buying them in my goal size. I know I am going to get there eventually so why not! :p


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That's actually an awesome idea.. I haven't been shopping in ages cos I don't want anytging new in my current size but I know ill be a four soon so why not have some 'goal pieces!' :) anyone else using Shelz strategy??

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