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Green Days What am I doing wrong? Please help!


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Hi everyone. I lost 10lbs in my first week, because that was such a big loss I wouldnt have been suprised or too gutted if I stayed the same or only lost a small amount. But I gained 1lb :cry:

Could someone please look at my diary and tell me where I'm going wrong? I did have 3 bottles of wine this week, but I stuck to my weekly syns - 84, should I lower them? I know alot of people on this site have fri and sat nights out and still lose. Is there anything else I should change?

I really dont want to give up - if someone could give me some tips I'd really appreciate it and you could save me from sabotaging my goals :sigh:

Heres my diary: http://www.minimins.com/slimming-wo...134949-faerys-today-theres-less-me-diary.html

Also, I cant afford to do red days, I'm on a really tight budget at the moment.
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Hiya, i've had a look at your diary and I think you need to eat more fruit and veg. Obviously the wine doesn't help either but the beauty of SW is that don't have to go without :)

Stick with drinking loads of water too!
the only thing i have noticed is your having 3 slices of nimble but i think you can only have 2 as a hex b. if you look at my sig i gained 7lb this week for no reason at all it happens to us all! you have only been at it 2 weeks!
hiya! if you're on plan don't worry - keep the faith and keep going! there are some people who are on plan 100% and never gain - whereas I do from time to time. However I always look at my weight lose over a four week period and it always shows a loss then - 10 lbs is a fab loss and if you stick with plan you'll have another good less next week xx good luck xx


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I think you've done really well!! As you said in your food diary you drank 3 nights last week so to only gain 1lb is not massive and will be easy to lose.

10lbs is a huge loss to have in one go! It may be that your body slowed down after that loss and the drink just made you go over a bit. Stick with it and im sure you'll have a good one next week.

Your diarys are fine from what i can see. There is no need to lower your syns, it's good to have between 5-15 a day. Try to have as much super free as possible and for drinking at the weekend you can have flexi syns - im 21 so am the same with the social life! I switched from 2 bottles of wine on a Saturday to drinking diet coke with spirits (2.5 syns for most) and having a soft drink every now and again - so maybe consider that?

Well done on your water intake thats really good!!
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I would add loads more superfree foods in... more fruit and veg! :)
keep at it - you will lose next week if you stick to it.

add in fruit and veg - make sure some or all of it is superspeed foods....

try and vary your food a bit - dont have the same stuff every day as your body gets used to it, and losses seem to slow down.

good luck!!! xxx


♥ On the road to a new me
Nooo thats like 17.5 extra syns I didnt know I was having! :eek::eek::eek:

Thanks for the advice everyone, I'll defo take all of it on board this week. I'll be switching from wine to spirits too & only twice a week - ta everyone.

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