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what am I doing wrong??

I started Atkins about 7 weeks ago. In the first 3 weeks I lost 8lbs which was fab. But now I am totally stuck. It took another 2 weeks to lose 2lbs, and then another two 2 weeks to lose another 2lbs.

I am now "stuck" again and am hoping that I am not going to lose just 2lbs every 2 weeks!

Usual day consists of day break bar or bacon and eggs, then chicken or ham salad (not that much salad veg) and dinner is usually steak and mushrooms or lamb/pork chops with fried eggs and curly kale or brocolli.

surely I should be losing more weight than I am?

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should add that I am only drinking decaf coffee with cream and only coke i am drinking is caffine free diet. Apart from that am only drinking loads of water. And have not touched alcohol.......
I honestly think that's a great loss! You seem to be doing everything just right! There are some of us that have experienced very rapid weight loss with quite extreme diets, but it can be a struggle to find a long term solution that is maintainable. I would say if you are enjoying what your eating, are feeling good and have a steady weight loss ..... Stick with it girl! And be proud x
It is a bit hard to tell without knowing how near to goal you are but Atkins is more slow and steady than huge losses every week - but at least you are eating (and eating well if you are doing it right).
Bren xx
thanks everyone. I will try cutting out the bars and see what happens. I had just hoped the weight loss would be quicker than this, 1lb a week doesnt seem much for not being able to eat fruit and chocolate! haha

I'm currently 12stone 6lbs, so still got a couple of stone to lose.


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You are still losing. Whether it's 0.5 lbs a week or 4 lbs. It makes no difference, as it's going! It often helps me if I weigh some cans equivalent to my weight loss, and put them in a bag. It makes it more real for me.


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Linzi maybe try cutting out the diet coke and see if that helps? But everyone here is right - celebrate any loss :)



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Switch to coke zero, it's meant to be better as it has no citric acid. Don't ask me why :D


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Sorry ladies but I just checked the contents of Coke Zero and it looks like it has citric acid (as E-331) - Coca-Cola Zero - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I love my diet coke but am sticking to sparkling mineral water for now :(

E331 is sodium citrate not citric acid. :confused:

It's a chemical salt that can be used to make citric acid in certain reactions, but the sodium content means it's actually an alkali.........

Incidentally studoes have shown that products containing citric acid can take some people out of ketosis which is why it's best to avoid it when doing ketogenic diet. Doesn't have that effect on everyone though.
thanks everyone for your replies!

well I had ditched the coke and the day break bars, but stayed the same weight again. But this is the REALLY odd bit..

yesterday I fell of the wagon. I had a mince pie and a cream cake from a local bakers and washed it down with a cup of tea with milk!

BUT today i am down 1lb! go figure that one out. I really dont understand this diet at all. Unless my weight shoots up again tomorrow..........
It doesn't always work that way Linzi, your weight should vary on a daily basis. but hey, let's hope it does staw away. :)

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