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What Am I Doing?!?

Hello ladies (and a few gents!),

I am finding myself really struggling. I am absolutely trying SO so hard at the moment and I'm seeing practically NO results, its really getting me down.
I was 100% last week and lost 2lb. I know its good that its a loss and not a gain etc. etc. but considering my weight I really expected to have a bigger loss than that.
This week I've been trying even harder and, apart from falling off the wagon on tuesday night and eating one of those dreadful microwave burgers, I really thought I was doing well until I hopped on the scales this morning and I've stayed exactly the same.

I'm eating plenty of fruit and veg and free foods, literally the only thing I can think of is that maybe I'm not eating enough syns and probably not drinking enough.

At this point I'm feeling like I'd like someone to just tell me exactly what to eat and when to eat it.

Help! :cry:
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I think it makes a big difference with me when I drink alot of water...
Maybe try and stay positive? I find loosing weight really random and sometimes will put on weight when been eating well and sometimes loose weight when been eating badly but it all averages out inbthe end....
Thanks Jooloo :)
I think I am going to have to try to drink more, I can go most of the day on ONE drink and then get home and glug down 2 cups of coffee for the night and thats it.
It's just so frustrating when I see other people and the weight seems to be just dropping off them :(
A pint at a time o_O
I'd be sick! haha

But yes deffo think I should drink more.

It's not as easy to drink as much when the weather's cold. I know I shouldn't make excuses but I genuinly think this is true.


Less of a man each day
Try some no suger squash, Lemon and blackcurrent are both nice warm.

Coffee is ok if it's decaf, which is pointless coffee imho.

Maybe a refreshing green tea?


Less of a man each day
My problem with coffee/tea is that I can't stand the taste of sweetner :(
Have you tried splenda in it?, it's very sugar like.

Green tea or peppermint infusion doesn't need sweetener
Hi I know how you feel! I'm quite big and there is a lady at group who must weigh half me and she always get better losses than me - I'm happy for her! But we are all different just be happy your losing and losing well!
Try to eat more syns (my loss has been better since I did)
Try to drink more water and sugar free squash splendor is great as a sugar substitute!
Stay positive your doing really well!
I was very up and down when I first started SW, I seemed to gain and lose the same couple of pounds for a few weeks. I found that having more syns does help, when i cut right back and barely eat anything my body just seems to store it.
Thank you everyone for your tips, it's really helpful to hear the ups and especially the downs (and how your combat them!).
I have had a lot more water so far today than I would normally have had so I'm hoping that will help matters.
It's just so disheartening when you're trying really hard and not seeing results, it makes me wonder why I bother putting the effort in if nothings going to change.

Luckily my OH is being much more supportive than usual at the moment which is helping me to stay on track.
My consultant said I should eat a minimum of 5 syns a day as otherwise your body will just store what you do eat. I know it sounds daft but it definitely seems to work because when I wasn't having at least 5 syns everyday my weight seemed to STS. It was so bad at one stage that I was having to have a glass of red just to make sure I had more than 5 syns, LOL!

I have 6 500ml bottles and I fill them up with NAS squash and just sip them through the day, somehow it makes a difference for me, because when you say 3 litres it sounds TOO much and put's me off trying, but if you have one of the smaller bottles and just sip away, it's surprising how quickly it goes, and from morning to night, I usually drink all 6 without really having to think about it. I always lose better when I drink all 6, and on those days that I really don't want it.. I find my losses are lower. I also drink green tea in between.

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