What am i going to achieve in 2009


wants a new body
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Slimming for my children
Good thread!

I am going to get married on 29th August 2009 and cannot wait!
I am going to excerise more
I AM going to loose weight for my wedding!

I am going to look after myself and my body!


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I am being made redundant in May, so I plan to use the money to reduce our outgoings, to mean I don't have to spend every hour working, maybe do something part time & give more time to my daughter!

Use my WII Fit more!

Finally get to target!

Pass my exams, so that I can resume my career in a few years once this recession is over!

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in 2009 I am going to

Continue to lose more weight
Exercise more
Stop nagging Mr G as he is stressed enough as it is

but more importantly
I am going to get a new job no matter what it takes

i eat when im miserable and at the moment i hate my job so much that im often miserable, I nag Mr G when im in a moody and I often get in moody's because I hate my job! getting a new job will help me to cheer up and stop eating rubbish which in turn will help me to lose weight! and If i can find a job thats more flexible I will have more time to exercise


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IM GOING TO BE MORE FIRM- when I say NO... I'm gonna mean no
cos at this minute im so dam mad- cos my boss whats me to change my shift from 2.30-6pm to 6pm-10pm and im not bleeding happy -i hate doing nights they are sooo boring.
what did she say?- you have got wednesday night off- err yes cos we are shut -you muppet !!
so from the 1st Jan NO means NO --to her anyway !!!


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I am going to

Lose more weight and get to Target! Altho I dunno what weight that is!
Get a Job
Plan the rest of my wedding (Feb 2010)

Ermmm! Im sure there is more!?


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I am going to:

Lose weight
Get fit
Grow my own veg


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I am going to :

Get to target (10st7lb)
Maintain weight
Exercise more (either cycling or wit fit)
Walk to work as much as possible
Try not to get stressed at work, get things done and be more organised at work.
Save money (might not be too easy if oh gets made redundant)
Try not to be to down in the dumps about so many things



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I am going to get to target.
Enjoy life to the full and get out and about more
Hopefully find the man of my dreams too :)


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my goals are to:

lose at least 6 stone by this time next year
start driving lessons
go swimming weekly
take up a new hobby
believe in myself - and be proud of who i am now!


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I am going to
- lose weight
- be more organized
- be happier
- be more motivated x


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In 2009 I will:

Get to target
Exercise more
Be more patient and tolerant (yeh right!)


i love minimins me :)
i am going to get to goal (or as close as possible)
plan the rest of my wedding
save up n pay off my loan (eeek)
have some 'me time'
spend more time with my nana
make sure i am top sales of the centre every week



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i'm going to get to target
i'm going to get married in may
i'm going to get more organised


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i am going to pass my maths
i will then start uni
i am going to embrace turning 30
i am going to lose weight
i am going to marry the love of my life
i am still going to miss the special people who are not here to share it will


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Good thread had me thinking...
In 2009 I am going to......
Stick to the plan and achieve my weight loss goal.
Stop worrying as much about everyone and everything!!
Visit my Grandma and Mam more.
Go out on day trips when the weather is better.