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Extra Easy What am I going to do!!!!


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Hey guys

Could anyone help me, i am feeling really low just with things happening in my life at the moment. Was doing really well on the plan as i had lost 8.5lbs in 4 wks then this week all i've eaten is rubbish, chocolate, toast with full fat butter, chips (not SW) i may add. and now i feel even lower and depressed.

I need help and advise, going to class tomorrow night to face the music so i need to get back on track!

Its a vicious circle feel low eat choc then feel even worse lol

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Babe dont feel bad just dust yourself off and start again hun.. we all fall off the wagon i went shopping Sat with the family they were all hungry and ran to Burger king i spent the rest of the tesco trip in tears cos i was hungry and felt deprived and that they were all being selfish so ate a huge bar of choc but the next day back on track you will be fine just loot at it as a blip xxxxx
Just think along the lines of what it willbe like when you are at target?... I went and bought a some new jeans at the weekend and had to buy 2 sizes smaller than when i started in 3 weeks thats awesome so i am looking at the long run the bigger picture just look ahead not back hun xx


Here we go again ..
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almost everyone in class will have been in your situation hun and no one will judge you .. i know its hard and sometimes you can convince yourself that it will be easier not to go and try and get back on plan and go next week ...but you have already made the step by comming here and asking for that little push ..so you go to weigh in try not to take much notice of the scales (unless of course you still get a positive result) and spend your time at class picking up tips and finding out your not alone. Im sure you will leave group feeling newly motivated and more positive

good luck babe
Draw a line under it, get back on track and when you go back to class you'll feel better knowing you're already back on track.

Just think of it as being one of the sights on your scenic route to target!
u made it to class a step in the right direction:) now draw a line under last week and as of tomorrow start a fresh as we all keep saying this aint a diet its a healthy eating plan aint for a few weeks or months its for life and we are all likely to fall of every now and then as long as we get back on boared thats all that matters keep smiling hun :)
It is so true that we ALL loose our way at times...

Now if I tell you one of the things I do I dont want no laughing lol

I go on line and look at the swimwear at Next, it makes me really want to aim for one of those bikinis.

Hope you have a better day today hun x


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We've all been there. However, the best thing is that you can always start a new. Draw a line under last week. Think how well you've done so far and big yourself up again. I like to do daily affirmations, reminding myself that I'm doing well and in control of my eating.

It isn't a one of bad week that does the damage, it's letting it spiral so that those days, become weeks and months.

You've lost weight, you know you can do it, just remember it's you that is in control. Stick with it.

Hiya Laurynsmum,

Are you feeling any better hun? hope so!


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At least you will admit it, go to group, get it out of your system and leave with thin thoughts!! I ate lots of flumps (marshmallows) last week and thought i have blew it big time!! I went to group, confessed and felt loads better. I have only been going 7/8 weeks and had a week when i could have ate everything in the house due to stress. I ate crap and did it make me feel better, no it made me feel worse!! Chin up, be strong and plan ahead!!! You will be fine.


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thanks everyone for your comments, not been on recently due to lots to do, as i said did go back to class and had a good week. Got weighed on tuesday night and only lost 1lb, bit disappointed. But at least it is off, could stay to class as i was taking my eldest to the circus. had a wee blow out last night as i was disappointed but started back on track again today, here's hoping for better results next week

Thanks again everyone for helping!!!!


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