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what are peoples views on size zero?



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i would never strive to be a size zero. i think its sad that many people feel pressured to get themselves down to such a child-like size. who wants a body like a 10 yr old boy?? (other than a 10 year old boy, of course?!)

they r gonna start stocking size zero at asda...or so i read?


Is it nearly October yet?
Before I had my daughter I fitted a size zero, (which is actually a British size 4) Gap stock size zero, I was far too skinny and looking at pictures I looked awful. Wouldnt encourage people to be this thin and dont really think its a good look IMO. My goal now is to be a healthy size 10-12 as have moved right up the sizes hence the need for CD. :)
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I have a secret hankering to be a size 0 just for a day to see what it's like-after a lifetime of being fat(in fact morbidly obese) I would love to see what it's like to actually be too skinny.


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OOOOOO no I would never want to be skin and bones its so not a good look....!
I want to be healthy and curvy around a size 14 would be fantastic....!
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I think size 0 is awful. I would never want to be that skinny i dont believe it looks nice at all. When i lose my weight i would still like to have breast and etc not look like a flat chested 9 yr old girl. Size 10 - 12 are what i think are ok, below that is a bit questionable.
I had a friend who when she was younger was a size 4 she had to get all her clothes in the childrens shops.. She used to eat everything in site and could never put weight on. So was just natually thin and to her that was as big of a problem for her as my weight was and is to me. Now 20 years on she is a size 8 and still eats all she can.


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Doesnt appeal to me at all, a nice curvy 14 would be fantastic!!! Sarahxx.
From a guys perspective (or at least mine!) it isn't attractive at all to have legs like matchsticks!!



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I wonder what size I will have to wear when I am finished. I have 2 stones still to lose and am currently wearing a size 12, even a 10 in some things. 2 stone down I think will be about an 8 or a 6, I'm only 5ft 1 with a very small frame (but still curvy somehow) so I think some people can get away with smaller sizes. Does anyone agree?
yeah defo i think is just the bones and the way people look ill and i agree with icemoose matchstick legs are horible and that coming from a woman even my hubby thinks is horrible
im in a 14/16 now but just have flabby bits everywhere probably due to baby blubber but its the way clothes hang on me and i dont like the way i see myselfwith the build of a bloke. a few stone should sort that out, it did before


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As far as I've been told a man likes something to hold onto..

Is that right Ice Moose??? As long as it isn't too much to hold onto...
i agree same with a bloke the last thing you want is a bone digging into you, id make my hubby sleep wraped in pillows if he was boney x x


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My local ASDA already has the size 4s in. My first reaction was how awful but then thought if i think its ok to cater for the bigger end of the market then cant moan about them stocking stuff for smaller ladies. Both extremes and probably just as equal in terms of difficulty finding something to fit.
Dont think its an attractive look myself.
thats true is spose if they cater for bigger peoplethey should small but small now days is small and its making alot of people ill with eating disorders, i understand that some people cant help it but when you starve youself or live o a lettuce leaf a day maybe it shouldnt be accepted and advertised as much as it is.


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I sort of agree when it comes to young girls being encouraged to be so slim but when it comes to adults its a matter of choice. If they choose to diet that hard and possibly endanger their health then who are we to say they are wrong. Dont we do the same by choosing to eat and become obese. Both bad for health, my biggest gripe is its socially acceptable to be one but not the other.
I think size 0 is too extreme. If it were a normal size to be then the shops would have already had a demand for it wouldnt they. But I dont think they should use models that skinny.

I also keep getting told that men dont like skinny women blah blah blah but I dont know if it's just the ones I meet or something but they all seem to think the thinner the better. I got down to size 10/12 and am still always "the fat friend" wherever I go (work and fun) so I see how they love the tiny waists etc..

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