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what are the weight losses like on atkins?

im currently on cambridge diet but its so hard and all i crave is some steak!! so i was thinking about going on atkins, but what are the losses like? bearing in mind i know the more you are the more you will lose well i am 19 stone 12 pounds was 20 stone 8 pound when started but put 8 pound on in a week! im thinking this must be water weight as all i drank that week was diet coke..anywaysss so real fat weight im like 19 stone 4 so im alot and i want to be 14 stone by xmas and 10 stone by summer next year, is this possible on atkins? or should i stay on CD evan tho i finding it hard and financilly hard to as im on benifits and single mum to 2 kids.... xx
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The losses are different for everyone but most have quite good losses and it has to be cheaper than shakes and bars! I get my veggies cheaply at markets or grow my own although I do know that Aldi and Lidl have good cheap veg too. I know that Iceland have some very cheap meat and fish but it is always worth cultivating a good relationship with your butcher/fishmonger in my opinion. Great deals to be had there too. :)
Weight losses vary from person to person and as Christmas is around five months away you might manage to lose 5 stones in that time if you stick to the plan to the letter and don't eat things you shouldn't. However Atkins is not a fast weight loss diet. It is a lifelong plan that works and allows us to eat and never be hungry.

Since you are on CD right now your first week loss may be small, or you will have a STS, or even see a slight gain because you will be eating less carbs but more calories. Stick with it tho and it will soon be easy (so much easier than a VLCD!) and you will start to lose again.

This is the best 'diet' around I think, and perfect for longterm maintenance, too. Good luck!
Hi Holly,

Seems like everyone has different rates of loss...and the Atkins book does note resistance to losing, so unfortunately, until you try it you don't really know how you will fare. I'm hypothyroid, which basically means my metabolism can be at zero and I put weigh on eating air but my first week on atkins was a massive 10 lbs loss.

I only know that if you want a diet that will leave you energised, satiated and eating proper food, well, you cant beat this one : )

good luck

hugs xxx

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