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What are we losing??


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I'd like to lose 3 1/2lbs this month. This would take me to 10 stone and will be what I weighed before holiday. I can't seem to shift these last few holiday pounds!! :mad: I've then only got 7lbs to go until goal.

Edit; just realised that you said you weren't doing a monthly challenge! Ignore the above :D


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Yeah that's a good idea :) I WI on saturday so we shall see.... xxx


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Yeah I've enjoyed it. I'm defo satisfied and I've not over eaten, which is good. Mind you, I got up later today. The real test will be when I go back to work tomorrow! :)

I'm feeling really positive about SF. Like I was with WW when I first started :)
Morning :)

Well I've WI and I'm not sure my scales are correct. First it said I had put on 1.5lbs and I though - hang on, that can't be right? Now you know I'm a serial "weigher on the wrong dayer" so I weighed myself last night before bed and the scales say the same this morning!? :-S there's always at least 2lb difference. So I hop off and get back on - it then says I've put on 4lbs! :-0 WTF? Off again and back on, 2lbs on....

So I thought of try on these pair of trousers that were too tight and gave me a serious muffin top the other week and they fit perfectly! So I don't know? The trousers say I've lost weight but the scales say otherwise.... Think I need to use the scales in Boots as I know they won't change

But, I'm not giving up! I've loved this week and so I'm carrying on regardless. Just annoying cos i feel fat as the scales don't tell me I'm not.... xxx
Right mets your right you need to go to boots and get a proper reading ,..can you get there on Saturday's ??? Stay consistent wear the same thing and try and go at the same time x

4lbs on and your pants wouldn't be lose I'm sure xxx
I think I'll do it in the week so at least I can go in my lunch break. Saturdays are a pain to get into town but at least if I do it in the week, I'm already there. So frustrating! xxx
It is frustrating :z ...pick a day though and go that day every week ...a Friday is always a good weigh day then if you indulge at weekend you've got time to pull it back although a Monday wi keeps you good lol x

You feel better though and your eating better that's always a bonus x
I'd def go by the trousers! I'm a serial weigher too but I do pay at class for the privilege of a consistent weigh in. First week over already :) well done x

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