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What are you eating today - Friday - calorie counters?


** Chief WITCH **
I hope someone starts the thread while I'm away... I'll be back next Thursday, just having a long weekend as next Wednesday is a Bank Holiday here.

Today's food:

B: 6oz plums (80) (haven't they lasted well! now onto little yellow "mirabelles")
small boiled egg (70)
1 yogurt (55)
= (205)

L: 5oz salmon steak (250)
+ lettuce, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, spring onions (30)
+ spoonful macedoine salad (mayonnaise clad diced veggies) (50)
1 low fat yoghurt (55)
= 385

Snack: 1 apple (70)

D: 5oz ham (250)
+ lettuce, cucumber, celery, tomatoes, spring onions and spoonful coleslaw (50)

Snack: piece of fruit (not sure what's left) (70)

TOTAL = 1,030

3L water

Aim is to have 2 x 1,500 days this weekend; then back to alternating 1,200 and 1,400 ish Monday to Wednesday (and if I manage this, when not at work, it'll be a miracle! Feeling strong though, so fingers crossed!)

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Morning all I did really bad with the calories yesterday because of my lunch time mis hap i only got about 450 cals only have an hour between starting and finsihing one job then when i got to work at the pub last night it was to busy to eat my soup then by the time I got home I was so shattered i just went straight to bed. Did have large glass of orange juice so at least thats a few more cals.

Jumped on scales this moring and they said 211 lbs so thats now half a stone gone only another stone to go in 5 weeks for my holiday goal,

Todays menu so far,

B- Special K (150cal)
Banana (90)

Really not sure as what to have for rest of day am getting really bored of salad, but am staing away from bread, pots and pasta. And am really gonna make an effort to get 4 ltrs of water in me today, I am dreading tonight coz normally we all get to together on a friday night and get wasted but I am not drinking any alcohol and know how weak willed I am.
Peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches on wholemeal bread - 700 :eek:

2 nectarines 120
apple 70

Total so far 890 (this was suppoed to be for breakfast and lunch - however have eaten it all by 1030am!!!)

Note to self - don't bring food to work !


** Chief WITCH **
haaaaa Tash, that sounds incredible! mmmmm! I'd have preferred separate sandwiches though. You remind me of a naughty school girl eating her lunch in the first break!

Let's look on the bright side. WHOLEMEAL BREAD! It could have been worse (and far nicer!) on crusty white bread!

Gdollery - sorry I don't know what to suggest if you're off salads, and keeping away from carbs (would have suggested a jacket pot or a pasta dish!). How about some soup? Do you have access to a supermarket at lunchtime to see what you fancy? I always have to plan everything out in advance, else I haven't a clue what to buy in the supermarket, so perhaps for next week you might think in advance and get your shopping in from your food diary?


Gone fishing
I put this on the Thursday thread, but think I should have put it here really, so deleted it and trying again.........

I had a ready meal:eek::eek: I never have ready meals:eek::eek:

Good too. So for dinner I had a Quorn cottage pie and loads of veg. I bought the large version and was gobsmaked how big it was for me these days.

Decided to cook loads of veg, then split the dinner in two. Had one lot at dinner time and the other mid evening instead of my evening snack.

Quorn cottage pie large size 500g: 295 cals:cool:
Quorn cottage pie regular size 300g: 177 cals

Definitely worth getting the large size if you are having it for dinner.

had with broccoli, peas, sweetcorn and cauliflower (both times:D)

Today I have salad with trout fillets. Courtesy of Lidl (£1) :clap:

Just looked it up and lightly smoked fillets with mixed peppercorns 125g =155 calories. Will have it with 3 new potatoes and loads of salad with some balsamic dressing. ________


** Chief WITCH **
one big advantage of ready meals is that you know EXACTLY how many calories you're eating. I obviously can't partake in the ranges you guys can, not having access to UK supermarkets, but it's true that they can be a good way of getting into the swing of calorie counting.

For me it's the numerous preservatives and other E numbers and superfluous salt which put me off... oh and usually their price but I admit that you found a bargain there with Lidl! I usually find them too small for me too, but with veg on the side like that, they're probably good!
Great idea I do love a good stir-fry, Am thinking about taking my cals up to 1000 over the weekend and maybe allowing myself some rice as its always chinese night in my house on a saturday and i feel if i restrict myself to much i'm just gonna get frustrated and binge on everything am already fighting the temptation


** Chief WITCH **
I don't have a calorie book here for hot dogs, and wouldn't have a clue how many calories they have in them, but even if it's 400 calories total, that puts you at 640 so far today. Leaving you about 400 for dinner.

I really advise planning in advance to avoid this sort of problem! And what possessed you to buy hotdogs?!

Tash gets the prize today for the scrummiest snack!


** Chief WITCH **
absolutely... and some butter would have gone nicely with that toast etc etc!

400 calories for lunch is about what I cater for anyway, so NO GUILT, enjoy the memory, and think ahead to what's for tea!

See you all next Thursday cos off shortly, byeeeeeee

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