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What are you eating today- Thursday

Had a bad night last ate some mushrooms and leeks in a cheesey sauce and had a few vodkas and diet coke resulting in a 0.4lb gain
:mad::mad::cry::cry:and I am now absolutly starving.

So gonna be a very good strict girl today

Breakfast- Rice Krispie thing 200 cals

Lunch- Half a can of soup 100 cals

Dinner- Thai Quorn Fillet 90 cals
Large side salad 150 cals

Snacks Banana- 90 cals

Am just gonna try stick to this but if i get hungrey i have another 150 cals or so to play around with
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That must be a hell of a salad to rate 150 cals!!!!!


** Chief WITCH **
hi guys - and I'm back from my long weekend. 1/2lb up but, for me, that's progress indeed! I had a few treats too so am not unhappy with that at all. Will change ticker tomorrow if it's still there...

B: 6oz tiny yellow mirabelle plums (can you get them in England, not sure, but neighbour gave us 100s so they'll be figuring highly in my menus before they go off!)
1 boiled egg
1 low fat yoghurt

Snack: plums

L: chicken breast with homemade ratatouille, loads of green beans
2oz plums
1 low fat yoghurt

Snack: apple and plums

D: 5oz fresh tuna steak with salad
you guessed it: more little plums

I'm relaxing a bit on the old calories in that I'm not going to bother calorie counting everything anally any more. I take it to great extremes when I do, and get totally obsessed, so will be aiming to stay under 1,500 per day while including some carbs... (from tomorrow, ahem!)
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Glad you were able to treat yourself while you away without doing any severe damage, good to know i guess that its not the end of the world if we eat something we are trying to avoid.

MY GOD are you not sick of plums yet


** Chief WITCH **
haaa no! These are completely different to the previous lot, and are firmer with more bite to them. I've never seen them in England actually.

I'm a big fruit fan and even bigger fan of a bargain (in that they were free!) so am determined not to let them go off, or make tarts and pies with them!!
I absolutly love fruit my fave is strawberries, bananas and grapes all in a bowl with a bit of cream, yumyum........

Not sure about those little yellow plums think i may have seen something like that but really don't think there a common find
Today I've had...

Brekkie: Slim Fast vanilla shake (218 cals)
Lunch: Tesco meat free chilli wrap (298)
Supper: Atkins Advantage Bar (220)

Late night snack undecided, as usual at this stage in the day.

Might be a veg chicken style burger and salad (150-200 cals)