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What are you going to treat yourself too?



Mummy of 2!
if i have a decent first week WI on monday im going to have a haircut :)

also i think im going to get some family photos done professionally when all the weight comes off, i've wanted some done since my daughter was born but didnt see any point as i knew i would hate the photos of me at this weight.
I have slowly started lightening my hair just waiting to lose a bit more, im a natural blonde but have been dying my hair black for 5 years cos i thought it made me look slimmer!


Trying to stay positive..
i'd love to get a tattoo, i've been dreaming of a particular one for ages, but as it's going to be really big, i simply don't have the money to do it atm:( i think it would cost me around 300-350 pounds, which sucks:/ so the tattoo is still waiting for better days:)
actually, i shall attach a photo of the tattoo design- the design itself would be changed, and stuff would be added to it, but u get the main idea:) i don't really like the tail on the picture, so the tail would be different. i would also like to incorporate fire into it, as obviously it's a phoenix:) i would also love to include a quote from Sylvia Plath's poem, Lady Lazarus:
"Out of the ash I rise with my red hair, and I eat men like air"
I love Sylvia Plath:)


Woow that is beautiful where you planning on getting it?

I have around 5 i want first is a butterfly from shoulder blades to just under my bra strap, i have designed it myself and its got mine and my partners initals in so very cute, a lotus flower for the small of my back that i have designed, a cross with angel wings holding it (for my partners grandparents who passed away a year ago)

But i also want a girl with lots of attitude in a 50s rockabilly swing dress on my foot representing me once i have lost the weight.

and on my wrist i want dilligaf which means does it look like i give a F*** which fits in very well with the whole doing things for myself and not others any more


can see the end in sight!
I am going to get some new glasses and maybe get my teeth whitened. And I am only going to buy well made quality clothes!


Trying to stay positive..
Woow that is beautiful where you planning on getting it?
it would be on my back:)
i have one tattoo now, but i want to have a few more. it's just that i'm scared of having too many because of where i want to work in the future. not many tattooed politicians around:)
I'm trying to figure out what I can do as a reward, as there's not really much I want. I'm not really into girlie things like makeovers or having my nails done. As I shrink, I'll probably need to buy clothes, but even that isn't really a reward to me. In my world, clothing has always been a necessity, not a pleasure. Maybe that will change after I've lost weight, but I'm going to try and put off as much clothing shopping as I can, simply so I don't bankrupt myself in the process! :)

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I love my Tat's! :D did cross my mind to get another.. but I've just started a part time introcutory college course.. with a view to a 3 year part time course :) IF i get onto the course I'll be taking a good chunk of money for myself on that.. THAT will be my treat! :D


can see the end in sight!
I love tattoos but I agree about the prospective job thing. My most visible is on my wrist but the inside so not really noticeable. Can always wear long sleeves!!
I've never had my hair styled before!! Not properly, apart from a one off bridesmaid thing. Because I've never had the confidence to pull it off, even though I know that's stupid. Also a nice hair do would look stupid with my lame clothes I wear to merely cover myself up with! I guess it's just not wanting to stand out. Well that won't be the case once I reach target..! Also I really like small nose piercings...


Proud to be a Loser!
Well I've booked a few days away in New York in November - should be able to get some really nice clothes there by then!

I'm also planning to get another tattoo once I've reached goal - to always remind me of how strong I can be and that I actually do have willpower!


Stubborn tortoise
Izmirka, love the Lady Lazarus quote! I love SP too.

Like the sound of the rockabilly tattoo, as well... I think my reward will be to get back into my old vintage 50s dresses, as I'll feel like myself again then... and treat myself to a few more as well. Would love to get a pierced nose and hair extensions but deep down I'm just too chicken, alas!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
:) Some great idea's!! Love the November in New York goal.. how COOL is that!! :D

And Rockerbilly too.. love that Era of clothing :) Had a skirt like that in my teens - very cool :) Maybe I'll treat myself to an outfit like that again one day. :) Great idea for a wedding I have coming up in May! ;)

Anyone know any good online shops?

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Cheers! :) off to have a nosey :) have looked on Ebay in the past.. but never had the 'figure' not that I do now if you ask me but I am the right 'shape' up top for rockabilly stuff.. always look blooming busty no matter what I wear so when I dress up I 'embrace' that fact somewhat! :)

Used to be into corsets etc, actually first date with my hubby I wore a leather basque.. lol should've seen his face!! lol Am a bit old for that look now mind you! Had a bike in those days too.. :sigh::D
I promised myself for every stone I lose (and there is 10 of them!) I would buy myself a little non-food pressie.
So I have been out and bought a french manicure nail varnish set because my nails are growing and I thought I would paint them. Not only will they look good it will distract me from food!!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Good for you!! :D
There are no longer 10 left to lose now though hun!! :D Hope your nails look lovely later! :)

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