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What are you having for lunch today?


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Ainsley Harriott Mexican Mixed Pepper & Chilli Cup a soup and LF natural yoghurt.x
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Normally I try and prepare a salad, but if I don't have time, I go to the work canteen for a nice big jacket potato with baked beans. nom nom nom nom nom! :D


I will do this!!!
Iv had a big salad with beetroot, peppers, toms, tuna and some low fat caeser dressing :)


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I have had a throw it together lunch today
lightly fried mushrooms and onion with a tin of chopped toms and chilli with some tuna in it. Lovely and warming for what looks like winter outside!!!!

Helen xx


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oooh lemon meringue sounds good, is the recipe on here?
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I've not long done the brunch thing....
quorn sausage, mushrooms (dry fried with a bit onion) 2 eggs with 1HEb wholemeal bread, which I baked from a mix, still warm and scrummy!

Only got this treat as I not in work till 2, but did bake enough bread for lunch on the early shift tommoz xox
I had a packet of crab sticks with cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks drizzled in sweet chilli sauce (2 syns).
Had bacon egg and tomatoes for brekky so just wanted a light lunch.
Chicken breast, broccoli, carrots and a HEB of new pots for dinner.


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Warm lentil salad with a poached egg ( from a SW magazine)
lemon meringue:
300g fat free plain yoghurt
2 Lemon, grate rind and juice
1 sachet gelatin
3 eggs
4 tbsp sweetner for the base
5 tbsp sweetner for the meringue

-mix yoghurt, sweetner, lemon rind and juice then yolks in a glass bowl
-put bowl over a pan of boiling water and mix for 10 mins
-add gelatin sachet carefully and mix well!! ( my gelatin clumped so i used a whisk then seived out the lumps at end-didnt affect it at all)
-pour into a dish(suitable for baking)

-whisk sweenter and egg whites together to make the meringue untill stiff, ready once you can tip bowl upside down and it doesnt move!)

once lemon mix has set a bit, spread meringue on top and cook in oven on 200 for about 10 mins....might be worth checking after 7/8mins though

ready once its all browned off :) leave to cool (so gelatin can set properly) then enjoy!!!


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for lunch today I had

golden wonder - spicy tomato pasta pot
and low fat yoghurt was yummy

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