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What are you missing the most?

jacket potatoe nd tuna yummy
Think I might rock a jacket potato when I refeed. Put some nice carbs back into my life.
Yeah can't wait for a cold bottle of Rattler in the summer. It's all gunna be worth it.
I've still got an Easter Egg waiting for me, I have managed to resist so far.
I miss bread and butter :-( and i have to say when my family were having a bbq the other day i was desperate for a sweet chilli sausage in a bread bun yummy. xxx
Oh and i did love diet coke and had way way way too much of it and now the cravings for it have gone i'm never having it again lol
Coffee with milk what i would do for a milky cup of coffee right now id give an arm and a leg :(
fresh fruit and veg and sometimes a nice crispy roll with roast pork and a pack of hula hoops beef or cheese and onion, I also find it changes too!


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Mine changes everyday:( Today it was Satay chicken and cheesy chicken rolls from the chinese. My niece was talking about it and really put a longing on me:mad:


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Beef in black pepper sauce from the chinese or steak mccoys!!
Hey Justice,

Well done on your amazing losses so far, they are excellent!! If I'm being really honest...I don't miss food...is that weird? Do I sound like a freak???? Yes I probably do...I prepare dinner for my h2b at least 4 days a week and I never ever want to eat any of it, I know I'm going to sound like more of a freak but I actually LIKE the shakes...I like the chocolate vanilla and strawberry and I can tolerate the soup but I CANNOT eat the flapjack. During the first 3 weeks or so I wanted chips with vinegar and salt and burgers and cheese, now though sometimes all I can smell is the grease, eugh. Now I know they taste nice but I have tricked myself into instantly imagining the fat building up in my arteries, my big muffin top, and then a tip that I find most effective is....imagining it covered in dog poo or sick. It does work but its kind of disgusting.
Also sometimes I dream of eating food then wake up and feel worried I've knocked myself out of ketosis!!! Yikes! Obviously this feeling dissipates after a few seconds but its interesting to see the effect this diet has on you, even on a subconsious level. I think its the best diet I've ever done though because I think the time we're on it, and I think I'll be on it for another 8 weeks before refeed, we can re-educate ourselves about food, re-feeding, portion sizes, what triggers our over eating etc. I know its an old over used cliche but at this time I believe that all the delicious food doesn't taste as nice or give me the buzz that slimming down does!! Hope everyone can relate to some of this! Good luck to everyone with sticking to TFR 100%

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