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What are you most looking forward to??


Serial Dieter!
This diet is hard, REALLY hard, and for good reason! Nothing will give the same results in the time frame!
However we all struggle from time to time to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
So to help us stay on track, I though it would be nice to post what it is that your most looking forward to when you get to goal!

Here's mine!

  • I'm looking forward to being able to sit in the middle seat of the plane with out 'spilling' over into my neighbours space
    I'm looking forward to being able to pop into Jane Norman and finding something that fits (ANYTHING!)
    I'm looking forward to catching sight of myself in a mirror and being pleased with the reflection:p
    I cannot wait to fit into my Max Mara suit that has been sitting in my wardrobe, unworn, for 2 years!:D
Those are mine... What are yours??
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I love fashion so I'm most looking forward too going into clothes shops i've dreamed of going in for years and actually feeling comfortable in the clothes!
Also not having to always wear tights/leggings under everything to cover my legs.

And I've known alot of my group of friends since year 3 and have grown up overweight so I can't wait for them to notice I'm losing weight :D

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* not having to wear spandex shorts under skirts and dresses to prevent major heat rash caused by my thighs rubbing together

* being able to eat in public w/o having people give me looks that say "yeah, she needs more food"

* not having to suddenly run to the loo or somewhere else when the family all get on the scales after eating Christmas dinner to see who gained the most

* for a fabulous feeling, for my health, for my confidence, self-worth, to stop hiding and avoiding the holiday and birthday dos

well, there's a few...


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CG you crack me up ;) these tight rushes don't go away that fast, I have the feeling you need to lose a lot of weight, I still had them at 165 pounds....Does your family REALLY do that ?:eek:
Yeah, I'm sure it'll be a while before there's sunlight shining through a gap between my thighs :)
Well, MY family don't do that but the bf's family do it EVERY YEAR and it is really quite annoying since the initiators are all more or less skinny!
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Ok so I need to be able to tuck my trousers into my wellies and then do the zip up on the side to the top, sounds weird but it then stops any water getting into the boots!
I too just want to feel happy to be me and not always wish i was slimmer and to go clothes shopping without thinking "that would look great if i was a size 10!!" :(
I can't wait to shop for clothes I want not clothes that cover me up the best!! I also can't wait to not have to start a diet on new years day/next Monday/after hol etc etc I'm fed up with this feeling of I need to lose weight - I know I will always need to watch myself around food but being careful at goal has gotta feel beta than I need to lose 4st. for years I've wanted to get to goal And I can't wait until i'm there and I can finally say I've done it -look at me!!!


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Getting back into the 9's

Shopping for anything I want

Looking good on the beach

Eating nice healthy meals for the rest of my life and being in control of food again!


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Can I join in?

I am looking forward to my mother no linger being able to look at me and saying 'well, you can't help it it's in your genes'
To be able to wear all the nice clothes shoved at the back if my wardrobe since I had kids
To feeling like a young mum and not and old fat frumpy one
And to getting married next year in the 1st dress I have worn maybe 15 years and not feeling like a transvestite.
To be able to feel attractive and not worry that my belly is exposed when my top rolls up over it when i am sat down!

nicer clothes!

more self-confidence when I go out.

Not feeling exposed when out for a meal & thinking that everyone thinks that I am too fat to be eating something nice in a pub/restauant.

to feel my hip-bones more often - not just when lying down!

so many things.............


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In no particular order....
* to fit into a size 12 Joe Browns dress - and just be able to wear size 12's in general (I'm already window shopping for size 12's on ebay and am sooooo tempted to get a few cheap bits in to inspire me!)
*to have a fabulous sex life without feeling the need to cover up and be self conscious
* to be able to run in the Mums race on sports day
* to know that when the 'little black dress' season comes around i'll actually be able to wear one!
* during the heat of summer to be able to wear something cool and not look like i'm dressed for winter.
* So the kids at school don't keep teasing my girls about their mum being fat! (this is V important!)
* To be able to go to the gym and run for 60 seconds without looking like a very sweaty beetroot!
* To go sky diving!
* To renew my wedding vows wearing a stunning couture gown and feel like a million quid!

I could go on, but i won't bore you........lol
where to start there's loads but here's just a few
*to having a healthy BMI
*to being a size 10 again and just go in the shops and buy!! buy!! buy!! (without trying it on to see if it fits over my lumps & bumps) :)
*having more confidence, actually liking myself & feeling attractive
*being a yummy mummy
*to fit in my wedding dress again (not that we are renewing our wedding vows or anything, lol)
*to wear a little sexy dress at christmas :D
*actually wearing summer clothes when its hot & sunny instead of wearing black winter things that hides all my flab
*to not giving a t*ss about what others think about me cos i am happy being ME :)



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I've just read a sentence in a book which says, at the end it's not about the health or the size it's ABOUT BEING FREE AND IN CONTROL. Yeah that is exactly what I'm looking forward to.

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