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What are you most looking forward to?


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It occurred to me today that there were lots of things, apart from the obvious ones of looking better in my clothes and being healthier, that I was looking forward to when I've lost weight.

For example, I'm looking forward to:

Being able to put tights on! (even socks can be a struggle at the moment, LOL)

Being able to get out of a public toilet cubicle (especially those in pubs--why are they so small?!) without having to back up alongside the toilet (yuck!) in order to open the door.

On the theme of public toilets, being able to sit down on one without my hip touching the sanitary towel bin (hate that!)

So, come on. There must be lots more... :)

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Fitting in the tiny plastic chairs budget hotels use by the pool!
Hello my namesake!!

Having confidence!!! And obviously buying smaller size clothes!!


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Funnily enough when I lost weight the beginning of the year, the sales that I went to only had the larger sizes - isn't that bloody typical!!!

Anyway. I am looking forward to the following, are you ready cos it is a bit of a list:-

Being Healthy
Being sexy/feeling sexy
Having more self confidence
Being able to buy clothes from normal shops
To be able to buy sexy matching underwear
To reduce my body fat and BMI
To be normal, not tagged obese or overweight
To be a yummy mummy
To be me
To learn portion sizes/healthy food
To be a healthy mum and be around for George longer
To not be the fat mum at the gates at school
To not be looked at in a normal shop by the shop assistants, with a look as if to say you wish!!
To wear a really sexy dress this christmas and have everyone say WOW with my new look..
To help other people lose weight and achieve their goals...

I think that is it for now... will update if I think of any others...



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Oh wow!

I identify and agree with all of these! This is really motivating. :D

I thought of a few more...

Not causing a small earthquake when I turn over in bed :)

To go swimming and not care what people think (I know I shouldn't care now, but I do!)

To be able to walk up three flights of stairs and not be out of breath (I work on the third floor and the lift's out of order right now...:cry:)

Please--keep them coming! I think I'm gonna make up a big list of all these to look at when I'm in need of a pick me up!


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
To not have your legs rubbing together in the hot weather.. (or is that only me...)
To maybe wearing a bikini next summer
To fit into an airline seat
To be able to eat something naughty without people staring
To take a wolfwhistle instead of shouted comments

chicken on a mission

Restarting to lose 4stone
Being able to fit my bum into the saddle that fits my horse.

Being more flexible so that I can ride better.

Having a smaller belly that doesn't wobble over the top of my low waist trousers so my trousers don't fall down :eek:

Feeling like I am setting my 5 year old daughter a good example of what a healthy body looks like. :(
To not have your legs rubbing together in the hot weather.. (or is that only me...)
No, it's not just you :sigh:

Between that and not being able to get my tights on, I can't remember when I last wore a skirt, LOL.
Toilet cubicles are extremely small, there's not a lot of room to move around, I have found that it is STILL difficult despite losing weight!

Oh well.

Today, I'm looking forward to...

...much smaller, sexier knickers! (no more granny-pants, LOL!) :D
I am looking forward to:-

Nice underwear
Being able to go swimming without worrying
Being able to wear whatever I like from wherever I like
Not standing out - I want to blend into the background and its impossible at this size
Not feeling that my husband and children are ashamed to be seen with me (I KNOW full well that they love me, but it doesn't stop me worrying)

Probably a million more things, and I will add them as I think of them.


I will get to goal .....
getting undressed in front of BF (or have him undress me :giggle:) with the light on ;) because I'll no longer be worried about my 'crumpet' bum!!
getting undressed in front of BF (or have him undress me :giggle:) with the light on ;) because I'll no longer be worried about my 'crumpet' bum!!

I'd love to be able to get back into my wedding dress. :sigh: Soon, right?

I'm loving all these ideas. You guys are great. I'm struggling a bit today (Day 5 SS) and this is really helping me to stay focussed!

More, please!
not having to stress that my boys will be teased about having a FAT mum after a parents evening

To be treated at the doctors for what ever my illness is and not having it put down to my weight or diet

I know its silly but I want to shop in primark after years of over priced evans I want a few bargains

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