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What are you proud of doing today...

Was just thinking how about a wee 'Im proud of myself' thread... this diet is sooo hard at times, people dont appreciate the small (NSVs) mean so much.

Now I dont mean weigh in results, what have you done (or not done) today thats made you proud of yourself :)

Yesterday I took my nieces to KFC for a sit in dinner, and had - a bottle of water
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That's brilliant ! I already know what I need to post tomorrow . Dinner for OH without tasting it and avoiding Saturday wine bottle. .... X
Just made my 4 yr old some crumpets with lashings of butter and didn't even lick my fingers, OMG they looked sooo good but I am now drinking my vanilla coffee yum yum
Made my hubby a fillet steak dinner the other night with stilton mushrooms and everything. Didn't eat a thing! Woo.
Decided to have a little clear out myself due to this thread - that killed half an hour!

Sock drawer, undies draw, tights drawer and nightware cupboard (I have a lot of everything :eek:) Have also sorted out bedding and towels

Think I must be coming down with something as that has wiped me out :eek:

I've been to tesco, stared at the bakery and all the cakes and didn't feel a thing, usually it'd either be ramming them all in the trolly or after starting this dreaming what I'd have if I could. I looked at a particularly large brownie and thought, you made my big bum, I do not like you any more.

I also got excited in the fruit and veg bit, all that lovey fresh stuff, can't wait for prawn salads and beetroot in the summer mmmmhhh
I stood with my friend in a pasty/bakery shop and she bought choc chip shortbread and i didnt even care! then she sat and ate it in front of me asking me if it bothered me and how sorry she was!
Hubby offered fish & chips on way home today. Usually I would have said yes as cooking for 6 is a chore at times. But I said 'no, we've got food in the house' and now we are home kids are just about to eat tortellini which is much better for them.
Drove 140 miles to see my mum (that's a task for me as I only passed test in oct and I'm still really nervous) and even though they were passing round chocs and Turkish delight, I had my bar instead!!
:DWell done everyone.
I went to work today and my friend had made lovely cupcakes. I was starving but resisted. I just kept thinking "must get into ketosis."
K is the key!! just made my OH as part of his dinner Pasta smothered with garlic butter!!

I am still drooloing as he eats it and i frantically type on here!

It only the smell thats getting me! I dont even really want it lol!
Went shopping for OH and bought lots of stuff for one for next week . Cooked pasta for him and even offered him a glass of redwine while I ate soup :) x
I just got back from the cinema ...... I didn't have anything to eat or drink. I'm so pleased usually it would have been a pack of minstrels or something.
Driving across the city at night, and making the effort to go out rather than hiding indoors. And didn't even fancy the burgers every one was eating!

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