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What are you rewarding yourself with?


Going for Goal!
Form me, soap and glory products are the best reward! Infact, it is calling me from the bathroom. In an hour or so I fully intend on having a nice hot bath (including bathbomb - i got it all worked out!) The use my firminator cream, flake away and body butter. Will have me feeling and smelling great while I sit and watch X Factor (while blowing my nose and feeling grim!)

A girl's got to get TLC from somewhere - and as my HB is hungover, soap and glory will do the trick nicely :):):)

Hugs x x x


please try again
books, cd's, lush stuff, blankets owt i like that cant be eaten really


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Emma - I've never tried the Soap and Glory stuff as I am in Spain but I saw the Firminator cream recommended on here and I have told my mum about it and told her to try it out.

Claire - I bought myself a massage cushion today as a reward. It has a kneading action and is wonderful!
my sister bought me a charm bracelet for my birthday, and every time i lose a stone, i'm putting a charm on it :D

i also love buying books - my favourites are cookery books believe it or not! even on cambridge, i love looking at them and they really don't make me feel deprived or hungry (how sick am I!?! - some men have page 3, i have nigella lawson's domestic goddess book!!!)
Im rewarding myself with little mini holidays :D next one is vegas in 6 weeks will be about 2 stone off goal then NY in jan should be (fingers crossed) at goal lol x
I am going to Thorpe park at the end of the month as I will have lost 7st in the next 2 weeks and I havn't done theme parks for years so I am really looking forward to it. I am getting a lower back tattoo for my Birthday in Novemeber and my belly pierced too lol. So although I havn't rewarded myself as I have lost each stone I am making up for it now and enjoying all the things that I was held back from because of the weight.
Thats nice Zoe :) tattoos are a good reward and reminder of why you've lost weight, couldnt ever get one myself lol but admire people that sit though them :D


Want to do it this time!!
Awww, rewards!! Because I'm a student and I'm on a very tight budget :-( I use little things like having my nails done or buying a new pair of shoes (primark) ;-)) Can't wait to start shopping!!!!
Scouzer. X
im just at the end of my 1st week on ss and get weighed tommorow, my boy f has booked us a holiday to dominican republic for janurary and im hoping to be at goal by then (wishfull thinking maybe) so gives me a incentive to stick to it.
hmm I would love to jet off somewhere nice but I think that is going to have to wait until next year.
I got myself a rug for stone two. I think stone 3 will be something nice from Clinique.
Stone number 4 was going to be a trip to the Lakes but the Lakes in winter doesn't appeal so much so perhaps I shall have to come up with something new. I want to hold off on enjoying buying clothes until I am much nearer goal and not 10 stones away from it.
Any ideas for number 4 folks? All ideas gratefully received!


please try again
mmmm a centre parks spa day! i love that place, soooo relaxing
ooo yes! they do pamper days which you can go to without even staying at centreparcs. they're like 80pounds and they include (using the spa day at the cumbria centreparcs as an example)

  • Entry to the World of Spa (with over 15 unique spa experiences)
  • Refreshments on arrival
  • Lunch
  • Use of the Center Parcs facilities, including the fitness studio
  • Complimentary use of robe and towel
now i want to go haha!
Monrobot - a spa treatment is a wonderful idea.... and not as expensive as flying back from Spain to UK then going to the Lakes. There are some lovely Spa places not far from here - I shall investigate and treat myself for stone number 4! Thank you!
AlexIce, I had the best time in the Lakes staying over the New Year, it was snowing on the journey up there. I went with an outdoors activity group, we went out walking every day and some sightseeing. However, I can see that we were lucky to enjoy light, brisk not too cold weather whereas it could have been constant rain, freezing cold and storms.
I seem to indulge in treats for getting through each week, but for the stones a nice piece of costume jewellery from Butler and Wilson.

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