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What are you SW saviours?

I'm talking about food items that make your SW journey easy/bareable/enjoyable etc. Things that you wouldn't want to have to go without.

For me it's:

Frylight - for SW chips and all kinds of frying (fried eggs in particular)

Muller lights - I have one nearly every day. Lots of nice flavours and now I've discovered you can put them in things like couscous cake I'm even more delighted. Shame about the price.

Ryvita - Never tried these before - always thought they'd be horrible. But i LOVE them. I like crunchy foods that you can sink your teeth into. Great with Laughing Cow on top (another saviour of mine, extra light LC)

Quorn - Again I'd never tried it. But OMG quorn sausages :D yum. Quorn mince - makes great spaghetti or chilli. Quorn chicken pieces are great in a green curry then lots of rice. And my all time faves the southern burgers at 2.5 syns each. Like a chicken burger but low fat. mmmmmmm!!

Total 0% Greek Yoghurt - The creamiest yoghurt ever and it's totally superfree. Add it to your milk on your cereal and you'd swear you were eating gold top.

Sugar free/Diet/No added sugar drinks - I like drinking water but a tasty and interesting drink can add to a dull meal, and having a can of diet pop a day feels like a complete treat to me as we never used to buy them. So I have 1 a day and feel like I'm allowed because I'm on a 'diet' hehe.

Fun Size/mini chocolate and ice creams - like mini magnums or fun size chocolate bars. I need chocolate every day in some form and a typical bar would take up all my syns or most of them so thank goodness for the small ones. Psychologically I want to eat the whole thing regardless of the size for some reason. So I'm happy eating a fun size bar or a 100g slab of dairy milk. Doesn't matter to me as long as it's all in my tum :eek:

Quark - Started off not knowing what to do with it but now find it pretty useful. It's good for making a pasta sauce into a creamy pasta sauce so you don't just get bored of tomato sauce all the time.

Cottage cheese with pineapple - Now, I like salad and always have but I only like a small amount of it and it has to have something on it, I like blue cheese dressing or similar so to have a syn free salad I still need some lubrication on it! I've found that with the cottage cheese. Mmm. The best thing about it is that I can have a small amount of salad and enjoy it. When I was on WW I was making one meal a day a salad because I was always so stretched on points and after a month was sick of salad :(

So what are the things helping you survive??

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rainbows holiday buddy :)
asda ketchup - switched from heinz as it's only half a sin per tbsp :D
catherdal city reduced fat cheeeeeeeeeeese - mmm!
minimilks - 1.5 sins for a creamy ice cream lolly
cheese curls - 3.5 sins
laughing cow cheese
strawberries........love them in sugar free jelly
large prawns with sweet chilli sauce........instead of chocolate........lol
highlights choc drink............


I ate my willpower!
Chicken Kebabs
My new lasange!
Mug Shots
Pasta n Sauce
Diet coke or Dr Pepper Zero :D


Reached Target. woohoo
SW chips
SW quiche
Cheese & potato flan
Laughing cow extra lights
Pasta n sauce
Savoury rice
Chickpea Dahl
Aldi bio yogurts with whilegrains


Silver Member
bacon omelettes!
cooked beetroot - I love this and it bulks a salad or a sandwich up
Bacon and cottage cheese savoury slice I make
veggie soups I make. syn free, eat them when you like :)


Spam Hunter
Fun size chocolate
Boots Shapers Bars
Fry light
Alpen Lights
Pepsi Max
Flavoured sparkling water
Green tea
Eggs - this is a revelation as I usually don't like them at all!
SW quiche
Bacon - so versatile on a red day
SW chips
Quark - MMMMMMM I lurve the quark and often just eat it straight out of the tub!
Cous cous cake - invaluable for winter stodge when its cold outside, feels like you are eating something so bad!

Theresa x


Is so very nearly there!
LC cheese
Baked Beans
Sweetcorn (I eat loads of this with pasta and salad - on green days!!)
Diet Coke lol


Just follow the plan
Kraft fat free salad dressing (free)
Alpen lights
Pasta n sauce
Snackajack jumbo caramel flavour
peppermint tea
low cal squash
cottage cheese with chives
laughing cow light
fry light
baked beans


Silver Member
ooh, there are so many yummy things to choose from!

heinz beans
alpen lights
cocoa (for hot drinks and making chocolate yogurt)
weightwatchers brown danish bread
vegetable curry
leek and potato soup
curried mackerel
weightwatchers sausages
laughing cow
Diet Coke.
Aldi yogurts
Cottage Cheese
Pasta n sauce
Cheesy Pasta
toffee muller light
sprite zero
alpen lights in choc orange or the fudge ones
chicken and
bacon! xxx


rainbows holiday buddy :)
got to add pommegranites to my list - it's pommegranite season :D

when i was a kid my dad told me the the yellow skin inside a pommegranite was poisonous and i know he was joking, but i still pick each seed out individually, so it takes me about 20 minutes to eat one and by the time it's finished i'm fed up eating :D


Silver Member
When we were kids we used to eat pomegranates using a pin to catch each seed and we'd spit the seeds out. They took forever to eat. I haven't had one for over 30 years!

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