What are your desert island foods?!?!


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My recent post about my state of panic in not being able to find Thai Mugshots on the shelves sparked an idea to start a thread about things people can't live without on SW, foods/drinks we feel really help us to stay satisfied and motivated!! I'll start! Mine are Mugshots, Alpen Light bars, eggs and Quorn (lots of different varieties!!!) Over to you!!!X
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Well i could not live without pasta and sauce i have tons of the stuff!! also Quorn muller lights and fresh pineapple, infact theres loads lol


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Bacon, egg and quavers, having the bacon makes me feel like I am not on a "diet" and quavers satisfies my previous crisp fetish, eggs because I can use them in so many different things.

I could go on :D


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Pasta n Sauce, Quorn sausages, chicken slices, eggs, pasta pasta pasta!!


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Definitely eggs, fat free yogurts, quavers, pasta, potatoes........ i could continue :D


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Definitely Pasta and Eggs - I've had none for 2 days and have been missing them ever since :(
Leeks, potatoes, butternut squash, M&S Cornish Cruncher Cheddar, Tiptree Lemon Curd, Green & Black's version of nutella, boneless skinless chicken thighs, Corn Thins, cous cous, barley, red lentils . . . .


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Eggs, mugshots, eggs, bacon, eggs, vlf yoghurt and cottage cheese, turkey, peas, bananas, eggs, pots and sweet pots...


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A cup of tea with real milk !!!


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Muller lights, Activia, quark, baby bels (light), oodles of veg of all types, cottage cheese, pasta, chicken and fish!


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Garlic, spices, salt & pepper!! most fruits... mullers!! Potatoes :)


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cant live without pasta sauce, slimming world chips, mullerlite yogurts, oh ..... and a gin and skinny tonic on a sat night, lol