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What are your......

buy magazines, any magazines (apart from food ones...), they're distracting and it wastes an hour or so.
drink TONS of water
go to bed early
any time you feel wobbly come on here, someone will be on to help you :)

you can do it! xx
Use this board to read, learn and get hope & inspiration
Take a painkiller if you do suffer from headaches - don't suffer needlessly
Distract yourself - read/walk/bath/puzzles... anything

Always be a fourth of stick with it, it will be so worth it in the end!
Like the others, Drink loads and keep yourself busy.

And for the times when it gets really hard (which it will), just remind yourself that the pleasure your get from eating whatever 'treat' only lasts minutes, whereas the pleasure you'll get from losing weight will last you a whole lot longer - so the struggle really is worth it!

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