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What are...

I was debating on trying them, even though i eat well theres still some fatty stuff i eat. You never know.
All i remeber last time is that i quite literally needed the loo 24/7!
In total 7 stone, i was 17.2 at last wi on monday, and need to be under 10 stone to be at a healthy bmi, but first aim is 10% then 12 stone and see how i feel. Could do with a boost.
Worth trying them if you can get them. Im never sure if they work or if because youre so scared of the side effects you cut down your fat intake.

You might find though that cos youre doing WW your diet is pretty low fat as it is. Thats why my doctor said they didnt work for me, he said that hes found people on a low fat diet dont generally get results with them.
It does make me wonder starlight if they would work or not, but i still eat loads of sweets so maybe they would get some of the sweet content out of me cos i cant stop eating sweeties completely!
Hmm, im going to ponder on it overnight and maybe a appointment tomorrow. Maybe the doc wont let me have them but il threaten to get a gastric bypass done if wont let me lol!
If he doesnt I believe Adios tablets work on a similar principle, not sure how 'strong' they are compared to Xenical
aww really? might just get them instead as its a pain going all the way to town with two kids on the bus. Thanks for that starlight, your a mine of information! xxx
I've done Xenical - got it on private prescription from Boots. Felt like cr*p the whole time I was on them and, as you said, Sarah, I needed to be near a loo the whole time.

The idea of them is to 'encourage' you to eat low-fat by making you feel disgusting if you don't if you ask me.

If you're losing weight on WW they probably won't change that anyway.
Fair enough, il think il spare myself the humiliation, felt incontinant when i was on them a few years ago. Stuff that then! thanks girls. Il carry on the way i am!
G: 10st7lb
I tried Adios, also tried Hoodia and Lipotropics but it didn't work at all for me. I'm pretty sceptical about slimming pills to be honest, I mean if they really worked that easily then there wouldn't be any fat people in the world? Just my honest opinion though.

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