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What bit of class do you like most


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The part of the class I really enjoy is when the Con tells us about new products. Sadly this only constitutes the last 5 minutes. The only other time she talks is about peoples losses or gains. Do any of you get a talk about a subject as well as the weights. our last consultant spent a lot of time talking about psychology of weight loss, ways to speed weight loss, good things to do with foods etc. is my group the odd one out or was my last consultant unusual?
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Trying again!!
S: 13st0lb C: 13st0lb G: 11st8lb BMI: 30.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
My C only seems to do the weight loss round the room and nothing else - I've often wondered what Image Therapy actually means?
I like her though she's supportive and quite funny so I'll stick with it :)
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We go round the room reguarding everyones losses/gains how everyones doing etc. but she often tells us a relevant story or we discuss a topic (eg. the use of cous cous and pasta and sauce) and we all have a laugh, occasionally she'l bring us in food.. Yum :p
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We generally go round the room and discuss peoples weight loss/gain but then if the con has found something good and low in syns during the week she will discuss that. we also have a taster week once a month which is really good.


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We do different things one week we tested out measures and weights by guestimating and how wrong we were on many things:D was fun tho pouring what we thought was a 25ml measure into a plastic cup taught us that guessing your measuremnets is a no no!! then another week split in to groups for a quiz one week we made cakes and ferero rocher in the kitchen attached tasting session yum yum lots of times just chatting about the week and ideas to motivate us recipes new foods ect :)
Sadly this is our cons last week she is leaving SW for good god knows who we will get .... she wanted me to take over the group but I cant afford the lay out :( especially when some weeks she may be out of pocket when hardly anyone turns up and she still has to pay for the room!!


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we usually get a quick talk about a subject (last time was easter an guessing the syns of easter eggs, before that we were talking about how to pull back the week if we've gone off plan), usually 5-10 mins. then we go through certficates, then losses, which often ends up in chatting about ideas.


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My C also goes round the room talking to everyone about there week, we have a very chatty group thankfully so there always giving tips etc for there good weeks, likewise those who are struggling get the help and advise they need.


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I have only been to two classes as I am new to SW, but the C spend nearly an hour going around the group discussing loses, gains etc and what people want to lose for the following week.

I cannot see what this has to do with image therapy, last week I just got weighed and came home. I dont feel that this is helping me at the moment listening to other people.

I would prefer to have a talk about different foods and recipe ideas, things that will be of use to me.


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we go around the room talking about each person's loss or gain but she asks each person if they've found anything that they like this week or anything that helps them and we end up talking about recipes or syns in certain restaurants and people help each other with working out what to do with social events. so it works out pretty well in the end. have just switched groups but this lady seems to do the same thing.

abz xx
We go round doing the weight losses, but there are always comments - our consultant will mention if someone has been on holiday or is having a special event, or members will say if they have found something interesting to eat, or tried a new recipe. Then conversations follow on from that.

Also, during the time between weighing in and image therapy there are copies of the recipe books to look at, and there are lots of conversations and gossip.
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I think SW is a fantastic diet for sustainable weight loss. But I'm afraid I really don't like the structure of the classes! I find it mind-numbingly boring to listen to all the weight fluctuations being read out. When I attend a class, it is purely to get weighed, pick up a magazine for a reduced price and also some scan bran (although I've found I can buy it in Waitrose and Holland & Barrett nowadays). I also pick up the password so I can keep track of my food diary and weight loss online. As I don't generally stay for the class and can just as easily weigh myself at the same time every week, I resent paying £4.95 a week purely for the online access.

Losing weight with SW is a slow old process, especially for those who don't have a lot of weight to lose and fluctuations are neither here nor there, hence I find it irritating when the consultant sets mini targets such as "lose 2lbs this week". If you follow the guidelines of eating the correct foods to satiety, there is no way you can "aim" for any particular loss.

I guess I could do the online thing though I feel even less inclined to fork out £60 all in one go!
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Our consultant is so mind numbingly boring that many people have left our group (many times over). She just does the "what have you lost or gained this week" thing and keeps prodding at her pda all the while reading names out in alphabetical order.

Nothing particularly inspiring at all at these groups. I have seriously thought about setting one up myself after we have our next child as I've had quite a few people in the group asking me to set one up as I'm "better than her".

I guess it all depends how severly the consultants get pushed from the top to conform to certain things. For example, I would switch things round and not just have a fruit basket (which normally ends up being peoples scraggy old bits from last week); and have plenty more discussions on recipes and ideas if they allowed it anyway.


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S: 18st12lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st6lb(2.27%)
I have to admit I don't find the classes particularly helpful. I stayed for the first 3 but last week I just got weighed and left cos I find them a bit boring. All we really do is go through what everyone has lost or gained which I find a bit uncomfortable cos I feel sorry for those that have gained and have to say why. if i have a week where i gain there's no way i'm staying for the shame!!!


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I agree with the above, I think reading out the gains could discourage people from going after a bad week - which is when you need class the most.
I rememeber my first ever sw class, it was the first night of a brand new class, and so the next week pretty much everyone lost big amounts, except for one lady who gained - the only one. I felt so sorry for her, she was so embarrassed :-( She didn't go back the next week.
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I have to agree. The structure of SW classes are really not the best. My C is meant to start "image therapy" (nice phrase for very little substance I think) at 7.30 but usually doesn't until 5-10 minutes later and the class is meant to finish at 8.30 but after we've gone round everyone discussing whose children are ill, going on holiday, losing their job (most comments totally unrelated to SW) it isn't unusual for it to finish at 9. I'm at target now and I don't go to class every week, usually every other week, but it is difficult to find the motivation to go when, in my opinion, the class is pretty poor.


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S: 20st0lb C: 12st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 7st3lb(36.07%)
I personally don't like sw classes. I love ww classes, I find them much more fun, friendly and informative. But thats just my own personal experiences of course. I had an awful experience of sw. I joined first a couple of years ago and stopped going because I was pregnant and because you never really got to speak to the leader, she kept forgetting I was preg and when I gained she called it out and each time asked me 'what went wrong'. Obviously for the first bit I was keeping the preg to myself (tho I HAD told her) so I couldn't answer in front of the whole class, which really annoyed me. Then a couple of months ago I decided to rejoin (a different class) as I have dabbled a bit with sw off on on to maintain my weightloss. However I was the only new member that week, and during the class a few members went into a pretty major rant about the leader sitting talking to me whilst they waited on class starting. They said they wouldn't be able to stay to the end because she did that, and they felt that she should have made me wait til after class and then talk to me then, especially since I was the only newbie. To be honest I was so embarrassed, and it made me feel so unwelcome, I never went back.


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S: 18st12lb C: 18st6lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 44.3 Loss: 0st6lb(2.27%)
The WW classes are better in my opinion but I prefer the SW diet. Can't have it all...


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I enjoy going to the classes because I like talking! I like the people in the group and love sharing ideas. But the structure of the class is rubbish, the whole weight loss/gain lowdown is incredibly boring and can be very long winded...and most weeks our class is 2hrs because there are 30 of us! I would love to change loads of things!! The dreaded SOTW fruit basket... the low down and the general boring content!! Like I said.. I only go because I like talking and I get lots of opportunities to! :-D
I love all aspects of the class.

For those of you who say you don't like the "losses and gains bit" being read out and can't see what this has to do with Image Therapy... Image stands for Individual Motivation and Group Experience. So, each individual gets a minute or two (Sometimes more) to discuss their week. The group benefits from this experience in that they learn from people.
Staying to group after a gain is the best time to stay and IT should not discourage you from staying. You will find out you are not the only one who has had a bad week, others are in the same boat more often than not and perhaps you have been making a mistake you didn't realise?

I love IT, I enjoy sharing my experience. I've never missed a week in 3 years apart from holidays and I find it a very beneficial part of my weight loss/maintenance.

Okay, rant over. My consultant has five mins where she says a little bit of something, such as easter egg syns, new things, any challenges and general PR type stuff they have to do (like new cook books etc) then she fiddles with her pda reading out the names. (being flippant here, sorry!)
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i love our class we have such a laugh we do weightlosses but cons tells stories and we all share our stories always end up laughing its a very unique class i've never been to another like it. but i have been to the same class with a different cons and its the same.
our cons does try to plan talks in but we often end up going with the flow and he lets us.

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