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What Book??????????


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:)Hello to all,
First time here..

Have been a WW member for 2 years doing Core and fancy a change - want to get rid of 10lbs gained throught getting married and being lazy in this weather..

Was thinking of SW, but don't really want to pay to go to classes. Have looked on amazon and was thinking of purchasing the Food Optimizing book - woudl this get me started or what would you recomend??
Many, many thanks,
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To be perfectly honest I would suggest going to one class at least to have the plan explained properly, it can be confusing!

Nanny Jax

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Even if you only go to the one meeting, just to get the plan explained to you, and the starter pack, it will probably be cheaper than getting books off Ebay, as I am sure registration is free at the minute. Whatever you decide to do though all the best :)


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Yeah, what these guys have said. I looked on ebay and the books on there were more than 4 years old and the stuff in them is now outdated. The only current book was going for over £26 and it would be cheaper to join a group, go for 2 or 3 weeks and then go it alone.

The plan can be confusing if it's not properly explained by a SWC so I would only recommend doing it this way
yea its always good to get the current book and you never know you might really like going to class and might continue to go


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If I join a class, am I commited to going and paying weekly (like WW)??


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Hi Eddie,

as an ex WW of past years and failed recent attempts...decided to try SW for a change.

Someone kindly sent me some SW stuff via internet when I was think of switching to SW, and it was great to give me an insight as to how SW works.

However I would say as a past WW'er, SW is a whole new way of doing things and it is confusing to start with, so if you can do go to a class to get the up to date information. Its a big help. .

If you want to let me have your email address I will send you the 'stuff' I had first, so you can have a looksee and then you can decide for youself.

All best
i dont think your 'commited', you can leave at any time, why not jsut go explain your situation and tell your swc you intend to jsut do a few weeks then go it alone for money reasons and im sure they will understand. they will obv try get you to say but they cant force you and if i was a swc im sure as hell would want your money, even for a few weeks, than you giing your money to someone on ebay/amazon

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