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what bothers you most about your body?

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Morning all

I had my friend over yesterday for lunch and she commented that i looked 'tiny' and smaller than her (which is completely untrue as she wears a size 12-14 and im a 16). I have always thought she had the perfect hourglass figure and looks really trim....I guess when she has always saw me as massive, even a couple of stones makes me look so much different!

It made me look at myself closely. I have the baby apron after having 2 c-sections and an oophorectomy and i understand this will probably never go away...the big boobs i guess i can handle as you cant alter nature. But, its the 'muffin-ring' under my boobs and above my tummy which i hate the most. It sticks out horrendously and is so obvious in clothing - so much so i doubt i will ever wear a size 14 as it will 'show' too much.

I just wondered what part (if any) really bothers you since doing CD, oh and if there are any exercises people can reccommend for thus muffin-area of mine, i would be grateful!!!

Just gets me down a lot ;-(

Happy days all
- Anni- :D
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can see the end in sight!
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Thumping thunder thighs for me!
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Most of it I can live with as it's as it can be covered with clothes, saggy tum etc but the one thing I do find restrictive is the tops of my arms, I would so love to wear sleeveless dresses and tops but tend to always cover up.

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Hi I hate my tum and I also have really big boobs and I hate them. Having my daughter made my tummy wobbly etc.

Sit ups are the only things that helps me with really toning my tum and I hate them but they do work. Or doing some work on toning your core using Yoga or a gym ball works too! If you want to do it yourself you can find loads of info on the internet with things to try, or you could get advice from a trainer at your local gym or somthing.

I am waiting untill i drop another stone before i start doing these because it will make doing them easier. But I am aware that toning and conditioning after weight loss if the only way to make our body shapes the way we want them!

Hope this helps.
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i hate my baby apron. i'm really a weird body shape. i've lived with it all my life (jeans with gaps you can park a bus in at the bike but so tight at the front you can hardly breath) but this thing at the front if it disappearred would make all the difference to me. My OH has said that it looks smaller to him like its lifting up slightly as i'm loosing weight so may be one day i'll be at peace with it??


Skinny girl in a fat body
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I hate my stomach so much :(. I am lucky in a way that I have no cellulite or stretch marks anywhere on my body - except my stomach, everything seems to congregate there - fat, cellulite, stretchmarks. I wish I could afford a tummy tuck


Cambridge Consultant
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Funnily enough I just posted on your other thread, saying I know how you feel as I'm the same height as you.

I have a horrendous overhang. Which I also refer to as my "pube disguiser! :jelous:heh heh heh

I wear size 12 trousers now and they are hanging off me at the hips and bum, but I need the extra for my belly. I prob would easily be a size 10 if it wasn't for the horrific tummy! :(

I've been told I could get a tuck on the nhs, but tbh I'm too much of a woose to go for it! It looks far too painful for my liking.


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OK, Now let me just say this before I launch into what bothers me... I'm not in the habit of berating my body!

I'm of the... if you can't change it then stop mithering about it!!

However, what bothers me... I can change and I plan to do just that!

my hanging belly bothers me. It bothers me that, when I had a BMI of 43 it still hung, but not as low, and the stretch marks were smoothed... now its wrinkled, with a puckered seam line proceeding vertically from my belly button which is becoming obscured by loose skin :(
The other thing that bothers me, that never did before, are my pendulous Breasts :cry: They were full and round, but now the resemble sports socks with tennis balls at the bottom. They're so bad that I'm convinced all the wrinkles are pulled out of my face when I take off my bra!!!

I have promised myself that, when I've maintained for 12 months then I will have a tummy tuck and breast uplift.... For my PCT I will fulfill the criteria for NHS surgery (BMI reduction of at least 10 points and maintained for 1 year) but I may just pay for it depending on how long I have to wait for it.....

My arms and legs are a bit flabby, but it's nothing that won't tighten with time (and exercise) The results from a leg lift are not good enough to want to put myself through that torture and any scars I have are quite marked so an arm lift wouldn't give me any freedom from sleeved tops, so arm lifts are the way to go!!


Cambridge Consultant
S: 13st0lb C: 9st2lb G: 8st7lb BMI: 23.4 Loss: 3st12lb(29.67%)
now its wrinkled, with a puckered seam line proceeding vertically from my belly button
Exactly!!!!! I have this, I think my belly looks like a bum!!! lol

Technically although it only shows I've lost 36lbs here. There's actually another 3 stone on top of that from the day I had my son, no wonder my stomach is a mess!!!


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My horrendous overhang is what I hate the most. It can be seen through all my clothes so I try to wear long floatey tops which do nothing for my shape but make me look even huger. It also rubs and aches around my scar from my 2 c-sections. My doc told me that I can have an apronectomy on NHS after I have lost the weight and 2yrs have past since last c-section. So I've got until next July to lose all the weight and see if I can get it done, my doc has now left though so I don't know what my chances would be with the new doc. I know that no matter how much weight I loose the overhang will still be there, probably worse due to no fat being there to fill it up any more! I hate it so much.


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I hate the big underneath my boobs and above my belly. Big roll of flab. You can see it through clothes no matter what you do to hide it. I hope and hope it will go when I lose some more weight.
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In order of hate:

1. my boobs
2. my upper back and round the side under the arm
3. my chin
4. my overhang

My boobs are doing my head in at the moment, and that roll round the side of my back means I can't really wear my new T-shirts yet. It needs toning, but the Doctor said it's a no-no until after my op : ( Maybe it'll shrink a bit more before my hol (he hopes)

Under my chin annoys me; ok it's far better than it has been for years but my family all have a bit of a saggy chin, so even when I'm looking hunky it'll still be there a bit :(

As for my overhanging belly, it's disappearing nicely, so it's bottom of the list lol
G: 9st10lb
oooh a tummy tuck on the NHS would be ideal....but doubt it would happen for me!....and i probably wouldnt go for it anyway for fear of it not working/looking worse etc....

i wonder if one day i will say - oh im happy with everything!!!
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Just to share....

Earlier this year I went to a burlesque workshop about learning to love your body. At one point we all had to write the body part we really loather, despised, hated, the one you hide right up to the very last minute... and put it in a bag. Then yep you guessed it we had to stand in a circle and the leader pulled out a body part...we then had to show said body part and take a good long look at each others...

This sounds terrible...but in the context of the group and what we shared that day (the finale was a naked catwalk!!) it was okay. We started terrified, barely able to bear it and as we looked, and realised how silly we were being, and how the body parts were just flesh, nothing more... it all got easier.

We looked and noticed no ones body parts were as horrendous as we imagined ours to be, and as we all felt the same... soon realised that it all didn't matter.

What was interesting is that out of 15 or so women they all said stomach with the exception of me (legs) and another lady (hair).
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my stomach!:cry:

Made a comment to hubby that it looks like i was made of candle wax and its gradually melting!! worse when i bend forward and i look down its like another set of boobs hanging there!! eeewww. If i could pull it round the back and stretch it out i think it would be better LOL:p
Tops of thighs are still a bit loose and am working on those at the gym.

Lurrrve my 'new' collar and shoulder bones! - where have they been?? also happy as my arms have seemed to slim down in line with the weight coming off.

I'm too much of a wuss to have surgery and all these bumps and floppy bits show how well i have done and what i have acheived - my excuse and i'm sticking to it!!

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