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  1. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member


    As I'm new to this I wondered if someone can shed light on the cals you have on non fast days. I have worked out a quarter of my bmr and tdee. ..which one do I use? I have stuck to the lower one just in case!

    Then on an non fast day do you aim for tdee or less? I have a lot to lose so want to get it right!


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  3. weebuns

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    I've been fasting for a while and would say it is best to eat your tdee on non fast days. The theory being that your body is happy to burn fat and lose weight on the fast days because it gets everything it needs on the other days. I know some people eat a lot less, but for me personally I didn't want to start too low when I've a long way to go. You don't need to "diet" everyday when fasting to lose weight....I don't!! This gives some wiggle room later on to tweak things and also keeps your body happy along the way. On fast days I just stick to 500 calories but I believe anything from 20% to 35% of your tdee gives regular weight loss. It's all personal preference though and as long as you find something sustainable for you I'm sure you'll be fine x
  4. jayde1148

    jayde1148 Gold Member

    That's great info thanks xxx

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  5. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Ali when you say you don't diet on ud do you really mean you eat whatever you fancy?? I intended to do that but found myself nervous of undoing a dd so I did watch what I ate within reason. I find you an inspiration so is live to know exactly how you do it! Thanks :)
  6. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Sorry..that should've said would love to know how you do it. Damn phone!
  7. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    I do eat what I want BUT I don't overeat. I don't see an UD as a day to treat myself...just a day to eat normally without dieting. I'll eat any type of food I want but keep it to a normal sized portion. ie a person without a weight problem only eats a slice of cake not the whole thing!! If I have a big lunch I'll have a smaller dinner....just like a "normal" person would do. I keep a very rough tally on calories on UDs but don't weigh everything. Almost all of my normal UDs are over 2000 calories...up to 3000 at a weekend sometimes. If I have a big UD (like last Sunday!!) I'll adjust my UDs for the rest of the week and snack less on those days to compensate, but yes, I have pizza, takeaway, chocolate, crisps on my UDs...just not every UD. It's about trying to find the balance and learning to eat the amount of calories your body needs. I've found over time though that the DDs certainly make me crave less junk on UDs and I get fuller quicker.
  8. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    Thanks for that Ali, nice to hear an honest and realistic plan. I've been going through some of the diaries and some are so strict on the UD that I may as well put myself back onto one of the other plans. I don't like the idea of doing dd then still being so restictive on other days, at that rate you're being restrictive all the time and that's no different to any other option. I really like the idea that I can do this long term and lose weight. Your losses are amazing. 45lbs in 6 months?? I'd be chuffed!!
  9. weebuns

    weebuns Fasting Rocks

    21 weeks today, so just short of 5 months, and 45lbs lost so far...I'm REALLY happy and can't praise fasting enough. It has worked while going through a lot of ups and downs without fail, unlike any other diet I've tried. Has completely changed my life and my attitude to food :)
  10. Amo1979

    Amo1979 Full Member

    That really is amazing Ali! It's great to hear from someone like you who has lost such an amount but yet is still loving the plan after so many weeks. Thanks for giving me the inspiration I needed to get my a$$ in gear!!!

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