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What can i do??


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:cry: Im sitting here crying!!!
Just got back from gp surgery and the nurse practitioner refused to sign my form for me to start and said nobody in the surgery would either as they believe its unethical and have had ad experiences of people having bad skin,hair loss and going to the extreme of becoming anarexic!
Im so upset ive been on a high since going to my LL consultation and thought today i would get it signed and be on the way to becoming slim! now im sad and dunno what to do! :(
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Hi Honey!

You poor thing, dry those tears there has to be a way around it. Give your local LLC a call and see if she can recommend a Dr. It may cost you a few pound but atleast you will be able to get the form signed.

Hugs to you. I hope your LLC can help you out.
Give your counsellor a ring and see if she has had this happen before. Is it worth asking if another dr will sign. Just because the nurse practitioner says no one will doesn't mean it is true

Don't be sad there's always a way round any situation

Irene xx


Have a Little Patience x
Don't be upset chick. I know it's really annoying cos the same thing happened to me. My LLC had recommended a doctor who was actually a practicing homeopathic doctor who had left the NHS as a GP 7 years ago because she had lost faith in the system. I had to pay £30.00 but she took my blood pressure and pulse, went thru the form and signed it. I've had no probs at all. You will find a way I promise. xxx


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thanks for ur replys!!
Oh wytchy i hope its as easy for me as it was for you! The nurse was really un helpful just through me some leaflets and didnt really wanna no! Which really annoys me they keep making all this hoohaaa about obesity and i go there for help and they dnt wanna no! GRHHH
I have emailed my LLC as she is not in office so hopefully she will get back to me fingers crossed...i just wanna start it!
Ah that's rubbish - my LLC told me that a lot og gp's refuse as they get points (which convert to pounds) for diabetic & obese patients so they try and get you to see their dietician instead cos they make more cash! i was outraged about this - fortunately for me my gp's been great and hasn't charged me a penny - i reckon anyone refusing to sign or asking for payment is simply abusing their position!!! They have no idea what we go through or how hard it is to have this kind of problem!
I hope you can get your form signed by someone else, i'm sure your counsellor will help - best of luck xxx


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yay! my LLC just called and has given me the name of a private doctor who apparently charges bout £40 but who will be able to sign my form for me so i can start LL!!! gonna give her a call tomorrow and book to see her....so excited!!!
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Im off to see the doctor tomorrow then hopefully start soon!!! Im hoping it starts next week but apprently got to wait for 7 members

Good luck!! You will be on your way to becoming that slim bride in no time!! :)



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Hey Slimbride2be

How did you get on at the doc's???

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Glad you have got an alternative dr. Mine was fine but I was so scared he was gonna say no. Its great the LLC have got alternative Drs for you to get in touch with. Let us know how you get on when you start. Im starting in 2 weeks and cant wait.
my doc was great when i took my form down for her to sign, she was just pleased that i was doing something to help myself but i do know that a few members of my group had to go to a private doc and pay for it which really sucks
Hey all!!
Thanks for your posts!!! went to doctors tongiht and she was so lovely signed the form no prob(altho i had to pay 30 quid...but hopefully be well worth it) I went tonight and dropped my medical form off in person. Now i just cant wait to start!!! i get married 1st august 09 so 10months could be 10stone as most ppl look like they loose around 1 stone a month altho i know everyone is different!
Im all excited now!!!! anything i should do to prep myself or n e thing i need to exspect??? n e advice gratefully recieved!!
Thanks again for all ur support....i think i will be using this forum alot! hehe
Glad you got it sorted. Could I just say to everyone that, in defence of GPs, they are entitled to charge for filling in the initial form as GPs are contracted to provide their services to the NHS and this is not NHS work. GPs do not get paid for having obese patients - they do get a tiny sum of money for keeping an obesity register. In the very near future they will have to prove that they are addressing each and every one of their obese patients' health care needs - an impossible task as I am sure you can appreciate!

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I thought my doctor would say no, so i see the nurse and she did not ask no questions what so ever, and i didnt have to pay. Luckily enough. i too was worried about them saying no.

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