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What can I eat on holiday?

I am starting refeed in just under 2 weeks. My plan is to refeed for a week for my hols, then have either a shake or maintenence bar/soup for brekkie and lunch and then eat out at night. Obviously I am terrified of piling the weight back on so I really want to get it straight in my head now what I can/cant eat away. I was thinking mainly chicken/fish salads. Should I have some carbs though? Are there any types of fish I should avoid? Also what about alcohol? I wont be getting wrecked because we are taking our 5 month old daughter, but could I have 1 or 2? What is the best to drink or is it too soon after refeed? Sorry for all the questions! Just dont want to come back fat again! Thanks xx:confused::confused::confused:
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I would stick to mainly fish, chicken and salad/veg for evening meals. Maybe have some eggs for breakfast, and wholemeal sandwich type of meals for lunch. For alcohol I would tend to stick to vodka with a diet mixer or a white wine with soda.

Most of all enjoy your holiday.


It really does work! :)

Not long done the same.

I refed for one week before my hols and went 2 weeks AI, so lots of temptation and actually came back having lost weight.

I did boiled eggs for brekkie.

At meal times, tried to stick to lots of meat/fish and some salad, with a little bit of rice on occasions.

As far as drinks, as Kered said, I stuck to vodka and diet pepsi, again not a lot of them.

Also, try to drink the same amount of water as you are now. If anything I drank more as it was so hot, you get rid of it pretty quickly.

I also allowed myself the odd treat as well, nothing huge, a little bit of dessert now and again, after all you're on holiday.

The way I looked at it was, if I come back having put on 2-3 pound and enjoyed myself, I wouldn't be heartbroken, knowing I could get rid of it again.

Just eat sensibly and enjoy yourself.



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Thanks for the advice! I am really looking forward to these fish/chicken salads! Also the seafood abroad is lush so I dont feel like I'm going to be depriving myself. I am really going to try to stick to shakes and maintenece bars for breakfast and lunch. I am on a budget too so it will work out much cheaper for me to do this plus I've got hundreds of maintenece things after making all my friends request them for me (brilliant advice Kered!). I am a little bit weary of having a drink. Dont really want the hangover as I have our young daughter to look after. Might save that for the Sat when we get back. it will be the first time she stays with her nan overnight so I might just let my hair down and have a few vodka's then!


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Great idea, maintenance shakes or bars for breakfast and or lunch and a proper evening healthy meal, you could even have a glass of white wine (fresh in my mind because I am drinking wine tonight)


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hay when i was going away they told me to eat salad/veg and protein not much carbs hope this helps x

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