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what chips....


Violet is shrinking


Taking the Scenic Route..
Hi Babe,

I made chips the other night, just cut potatoes, part boiled them, then seasoned them with fri-light oil, all purpose seasoning, salt pepper and paprika. Then baked. They were lovely, and i had quite a generous helping, with no effects the next day :rolleyes: lol

Im not sure about pre packed, but im sure there are loads of low fat oven chips you could have. Tesco online have all the nutritional values of products before you buy..;)



Violet is shrinking
Hiya hun,they sound lurvely,definitely going to give those a try :)

i never knew that about tesco! thats good to know and would cut my shopping time down too...i hate food shopping,i always think people are looking in my trolley, its even worse when im at the check out and its on the conveyor belt!! :rolleyes:


Taking the Scenic Route..
Im exactly the same hun! lol
I feel like people are looking at my trolley thinking "gosh haven't you had enough fast food to last you a lifetime?!" or..."its a bit too late for diet food hun!" :eek: haha

Im sure thats not the case...im only thinking that way because i nosey in other peoples trolleys, and look at the person pushing it! soo....maybe, that is the case!!? :eek:
:p Kidding.
Dont feel that way hun. xx
I use the oven chips in the orange bag that cant remember the name!!! lol. They are branded and advertise as being lower than 5% fat.

Scrap that, looked on Asda online. lol. They are McCain oven chips, straight ones. They are 3g per 100g.

Also, how about making wedges? I chop potaotes in to wedge slices, getting 12 wedges per spud so they're not too thick. I then par-boil and put in a mixing bowl. Then spray with fry-light and add BBQ Seasoning (its in a jar like the spice jars) then spread out on baking tray and cook. mmmm We love these with lasagne. I have WW or Asda Good for you frozen lasagne whilst DH has homemade.
McCain do some oven chips that are in the rules.
but nothing beats the home made ones!!!
with a little garlic salt, freshly cracked black pepper and a few sprays of fry light!

or.... you could use Lemon pepper (comes in the herb jars..) lovely too...


Violet is shrinking
thanks for all the chip ideas,im going to try them all! :D

how many gs are there in a spud?
If you're feeling lazy, like I was tonight, I just cooked McCain Rustic Oven Chips (Skins left on!) which are just 3% fat. They are gorgeous chunky soft chips. Perfect with salt and vinegar.

If I'm cooking my own I usually just follow the Unlimited Syn Free Chips Recipe from Slimming World:

I love the idea of putting BBQ Seasoning on the chips, will have to try that one. Thanks Wants To Be Slim :)

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