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What clothes size are you?


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Hi everyone just wanted to find out how different the human body is.
As you all know different people wear different sizes even though they maybe the same height and weight but body shape counts a lot.
Myself I am 5'5" weight 18st 1lb and I am now in sizes 20/22.
We can all be pretty different so just curiousity if any one wants to join me in this survey could you please right your height/weight and overall clothes size.
Thank you
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Im 4ft 11inches, start weight 17.12lbs, clothes size 24/26

Now I have lost 37.5lbs and I am in size 18/20 clothes

I hate being under 5 ft, it is really really horrible


Addicted to this site lol
Just remember you are only as tall as you feel.
You can do pretty much what you want in your height.
And just because some people are 6' tall they may feel insignificant so the height is there but there minds dictate how tall they feel.
We cannot help the way we are in height got to work with what god and mother nature gave us. BUT they certanly did not give us the weight that unfortunatley in most cases is self inflicted. And another good thing aout losing the weight you will look taller, thinner people always do at least to me.
Good luck on your journey.
Lol you are right about feeling and looking taller as you lose weight

I remember being about 11 and asking my Dada to take me to the doctors for growing tablets lol

I shouldnt moan, Im luckier than a lot of people xxx
I am 5'4 and currently weigh 11st. I am in a size 12, but some tops are a size 14. I have always carried my weight around my middle. My heaviest was 14st 10lb and I was a size 18-20 then.

Liam L

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im 6ft 3 and currently in xxl tops n 40 inch waist but because im tall i think i carru the weight a lot better because friends think i weigh a lot less than i actually am


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I'm 5'3'' and 12 stone 3, still in a size 18 bottom and about a 14/16 top cos I'm a big pear! No-one can ever believe that I'm an 18, I guess because I carry it all on the bottom and when I'm sitting down they can only see my top half


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I'm 5ft 2 and starting weight was 14st 12 where I was a size 20 on top and just about a 20 on the bottoms.

I'm now 13st 11 and wearing 18 tops comfortably and just got into size 16 trousers !

I think most of my weight is in my boobs ! (34J)


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I am a woppin 5ft 10 lol

started at 17st 6lbs, was a size 20 (thought i was an 18)

I was 14st 9lbs last week and in 16's and some 14's woohoo haha

wana be a 10/12, but got massive boobs so happy with a 12 thankyou very much!



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I am 5ft 5" and when I started I was 15 stone 2lbs and a size 20/22 top and bottom. I got to 12 stone and managed to get into size 14 jeans. But then went up to a 13 stone. However I refused to buy clothes so have been "bet" into the size 14s since. But I am hanging out of them. However now I am close to 12 stone again and they are fitting more comfortably. But on top I am still an 18! Boobs just not shrinking!
I'm 5'2" and size 18. Was size 20 when over 14 stone...jumped a size in one week on LT. Amazing!!


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You can have half mine hun!!!


Addicted to this site lol
Lol about 10 years ago I had a boob job to reduce mine. Now they are a bit bigger then when I had the op but thank god they going down.


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Lol about 10 years ago I had a boob job to reduce mine. Now they are a bit bigger then when I had the op but thank god they going down.

Oh the very person then! I am toying with the idea of a reduction. Are the scars bad? Can they do a lift at the same time? Or is that possible? Sorry if this is too personal for the public board could you pm me? Thanks.

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