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What counts as liquid intake on CD


Radix lecti
Ok, i've read/been told you can't count coffee tea and coke zero as liquid because they contain caffeine but does that mean other caffeine free leaf teas like chamomile do count - only i've been drinking chamomile and peppermint tea instead so 5-10 mugs (4-5 pints approx) a day plus 2 litres or so of water plus i add extra water to my shakes and i can't see how people possibly drink more. I hate plain water so bought some of the stuff to flavour it but still struggling to drink more :sigh:
Surely the tea must count ... pleeze :confused:Advice welcome - and if it doesn't count then i am severely not taking in enough water :tear_drop::tear_drop:
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I am sure it says in the yellow book you get that your drinks can either be still or spaekling water and black tea or coffee

I'm sure someone will be along with better advise soon
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You can't have chamomile as it's made from flowers-it's only leaf teas that are allowed.I'm not sure if herbal teas count as fluid intake or not.I would think they don't as black tea and coffee don't count either, only still or sparkling water.


Radix lecti

better check that then, i'm sure it said it was made from leaves...things are going from bad to worse - however i am staying in ketosis - have checked that but maybe i need to make some changes then. Thanks for your replies
Ideally your liquid should be water, however, you can allow tea and coffee in this but water is best.

I do not advocate any of the diet drinks as from experience I have found many clients deviate from the diet when these are introduced.

The maximum recommended is 1 pint per day after two weeks, it does come with a warning though that it can make you hungry.

Camomile tea is definitely a no no as its from flowers, most leaf teas are okay providing they are pure and no flavourings have been added.

Still or sparkling water is okay.

CD waterflavourings can be introduced in the third week.

Page 3 of your SS booklet lists all of this information.



Radix lecti
ok thanks for the advice - looks like i'll stick to water,black coffee and peppermint tea then


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u dont get off that lightly dibs! have been waiting for you to turn up so i can find out how much u lost this week!

c'mon! spit it out!!



Radix lecti
see the north devon thread

there's a post there especially 4 u :eek:


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
thanks! im too nosey to wait a week LOL

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