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What did you eat during your best week?

Apart from the 1st of corse!! :D

I had my little boy 5 months ago and to help me shift the weight I gained I joined SW.
I have lost 12lbs so far and to get to pre baby weight I need to loose another 16lbs.

I seem to be having a loss of about 1lb a week which is ok until I go and have a bad week and put 3lb on (Over a 2 week holiday) and so now i'm hovering around the 2lb to get my stone award.

I'm just wondering what plan do you think works best for you? Have you had an amazing loss one week after doing something different perhaps?? I'd love to hear your tips to get that little bit extra off!!

Many thanks for reading.

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hi there, i follow mainly extra easy, although i have had my fair share of green days too when my hubby isn't around as i'm not too bothered about meat and fish.
my best losses seem to be when i concentrate on something specific, so for instance, last week i made sure i had loads and loads of superfree food with my meals. i make a portion of wholemeal pasta and mixed enough onions,mushrooms and peppers in to feed a whole family, but it was all for me cos i am so greedy lol. i also had a baked potato with lots of salad and cheese. basically i incorporated more than i would normally do. when weigh in day came i had convinced myself i hadn't lost anything because i felt so bloated that day, but i lost 1 and a half, which is a fab loss for me, its normally a half or a lb.
i also do scan bran weeks(quite often these days) where at least 4 out of 7 days i will do something with scan bran(lots of ideas in recipe section).
i think the key is variation, measure your healthy extras and treat yourself with your syns. try new recipes and keep the plan fresh in your mind. good luck :)
Thanks for that, a lady at our group lost 6lb's last week and when asked how she did it she said she'd done mainly red days and therefore eaten a lot of salad and drank tonnes of water.

I have to say I'm not the best when it comes to drinking water and with weigh in looming on wed's and a bad weekend i'll try anything!

I could feel a cold coming on last night and so today I feel rather poorly which doesn't help when you have a lo to look after! I've already eaten too much bread this morning but i'm going to start a fresh and go get myself bathed and start the day again!



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you'll be fine don't worry. another way to get your fluids is eating your fruits and veggies. i eat loads of melon, every single day, its like an addiction. hope you feel better soon, try as best you can with the water or maybe green teas with sweetener? try not to worry too much, i was feeling sorry for myself yesterday and a piece of yummy carrot cake jumped into my mouth so i'm just having a few less syns today. i can sympathise on the kiddy front too, i've got 3, they're actually being quite good this morning, i am very shocked lol
My first week wasnt my best, i only lost 1.5. The most ive lost in a week is 3.5, i keep my own food diary to go over. I follow EE 100% of the time. My best losses are weeks when i have a different meal everyday (for dinner) & i love veg & often have well over a third superfree. Those weeks i get my best losses, although occassionally ill have an 'ok' week foodwise but get a great loss, sometimes its a fluke.
God only knows what damage i've done...Went so off track at the weekend feeling so poorly- Comfort eating took totally over i'm afraid.

Back on it today and hopefully can look to a great week! Need to motivate myself!!!! Hopefully feeling pants is my reason for not caring at the mo, I don't normally feel like this!


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