What did you have/are having for lunch?


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I just have a CS shake, which fills me up for around 3hrs. For a snack this afternoon I have a boiled egg, some cherries and a peach. x

The Moog

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Miso soup and a small banana


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I was a bad girl, I just had a packet of quavers... must do better tomorrow!!!


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(we wont talk about today - had chinese buffett!)

usually i have ham/chicken (40/80) salad snadwich
on warbartons small wholemeal bread 110 (for 2),
a smidge of light salad cream 20
packet of quavers 87cal

or spaghetti on 2 x toasted warb bread with quavers


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Today I'm hungover and having Maccy D's... I'm not really helping with good ideas am I?!?!?! lol!!! x


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Today my aim is to have a salad (made of lettuce leaves, tomatoes, cumcumber, spring onions, mushrooms and low cal dressing) which should come in about 50 cals (?? ish lol) with a boiled egg (90) and a small can of tuna (60). Probably follwed by fruit of some description!

Yesterday I had 2 x scrambled eggs with 2 rashers grilled bacon (fat removed) and some dry fried mushrooms. And it only came in at about 300 calories, it was lush!


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Thanks for the replies, it's always nice to hear what other people eat. It's given me some good ideas :)



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My plan for today is to have some bagged salad with added cucumber, steamed tender stem broccoli, asparagus and a quarter of a ball of low fat mozzarella. Should be about 200kcal, and delicious and filling.


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I had two dark rye ryvitas with low fat creme cheese, think it worked out about 170 calories...wasn't anything to get excited about no pain no gain :( !