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What do I do about my LLC?


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Calling all LL members! :)

I don't like my LLC :sigh:

I am now in my fourth weel of LL. I have only attended two classes. Both of which the LLC new I would not be attending.
The first I planned to go away for Easter before I joined LL. The second was last week, I had a double eye operation
and didn't stay for class as not feeling too hot. Anyway my LLC has not asked me to catch up on the DVDs they show.
She hasn't covered anything they discussed so when I read my foundation book I am a bit lost. Her delivery in
class is that of a school head mistress and as a result we all keep stum should we get picked on by the LLC or
should I say made an example of!

Last week when I got weighed my LLC kept asking me questions and I happen to mention that I had seen my ex the day before (I am on excellent terms with my ex and had a fab day). She then started to talk about my personal relationship and how I should deal with the situation. I thought she was going to link it back to food etc but she didn't. Where the hell does she get off giving me love advise I have met her five times in my life. :mad:

I asked my LLC if she has done the programme herself and she said only for a short period of time, that which is required by LL I suppose. She doesn't exactly need to do a diet either! How can she relate to those of us that do?

My main beef about this whole thing is that I joined LL for the counselling. I have read nothing but positive things regarding LL and that is the key to LLs success. So far I have experinced none of this. £66 is a lot of money not to be getting the complete benefits the product is offering.

So do I tell my LLC what I think and then feel akward?
Do I call LL and complain?
Do I contact another LLC a bit further away and explain? See what they say?
Do I give up LL and go back to the CD?
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Have you thought of asking her yourself if you can catch up on the DVDs?

It's hard to make a decision after only 2 WIs... I'd give her more time if I were you - it's important to keep an open mind. A good counsellor doesn't need to have been through it herself - she just needs to be good! Take psychotherapists in general for example - one would hope they haven't all had the same problems as all of their patients... :eek: If it still doesn't work out after a couple more sessions, then I'd defo go somewhere else.

Good luck.


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I dont think she sounds that bad- we talk about all sorts in our councilling and dont neccesarily relate it back for food. we have one lady who pours her heart out about something that happens to her when she was very young every week and I guess it helps her so we are all happy to listen.
The councilling doesnt have to be directly linked to food- sometimes you discover through the councilling that some things you would never even assosiate with over eating actually are linked to it.
My counciller doesnt show us the dvd's either if we miss them- try and remember that some councillers have loads of different groups and it would be impossible to have private viewings whenever you cant turn up- im sure if you asked then she would be happy to- just not something they offer.
Try not to take this/or make this too personal she is doing her job and you are doing this for a reason :)
I hope u dont think im being rude- just maybe wouldnt mention anything to her if i were you.
My counciller is TINY! shes like a size 8 and hasnt been on LL either except when trialing it for her training- but she is bloody fantastic and I genuinly cant fault her.
I think if you ask can you borrow the dvd that your LLC will say yes, to be honest I've never know my LLC offer them to anyone who's missed a week so it may not be something they offer rather than your LLC doing it wrong.

If there are a few of you who feel this way and don't feel that the way your counselling is delivered then maybe you should speak to LL when they give you a courtesy call.

As you've only been to 2 classes I'd be tempted to try a couple more and see if it feels any better - to be honest I've got more out of it the longer I've been on it, the first few weeks didn't really do anything for me.

Good luck with it - hope it works out for you in the end.


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I agree with you Katie... it took us a while to get focussed on the counselling, I guess we were getting to know each other etc, etc... but now the counselling is awesome...HCM, give it another couple of sessions then have another re think... maybe you are unlucky with your LLC and if that's the case, then maybe you can talk to her or speak to another counsellor :)
I agree with the above too. No one in our group that has missed a class has been given the opp to watch the DVD they missed. We always miss part of the DVD anyway as she weighs us and gets our packs while its on.

Give it time - its still early days - see how you are feeling in another 2 or 3 weeks. :)

Good luck!

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