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What do I do about my skin?


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Since starting this diet 7 weeks ago my skin is getting drier and drier, it's flaking off and look horrible!
I drink loads of water and I use a moisturiser but nothing seems to be doing much good. Am I going to have to put up with this for another 10 months!!!!

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Hi alexice,

Ive found that i get lots of horrible spots when i first start the diet so like u i power on with the water and treat myself to a nice face mask, have u tried that? Moisturising is very important 2. Luckily 4 me it tends to sort itself out though.



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Jules - I was so pleased with my skin the first three weeks - it looked wonderful and radiant - really healthy but now it's just all gone to pot. I shall take your advice and try a face mask at the weekend - or maybe tonight!
Good good!! How about an exfoiliating mask, get rid of the dead skin? I look like a bloody teenager with the spots on my face, shame them ' laughter lines' give it away!!!



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Is the dry skin only on your face ? if not could it be a reaction to something like your washing powder or something like shower Gel ?

One thing I have noticed on me, even afte 3 days is my bags around my eyes look worse... and I'm averaging 8-10 hours sleep a night - WTF ???

I switched to Clinique 3 Step when I was in London a couple of weeks ago and I'm finding my skin is looking a lot brighter with that and all the water I'm drinking... you just could go on holiday with the cases under my eyes....:D:D


Shut up Ethel
It does all sort itself out in the end (she says, hopefully). For very dry skin try a bit of Bio Oil massaged in at night, or a really heavy night cream paired with a lighter daily moisturiser.
hey Alexice

Poundland and poundstretcher have a bio oil for £1 which is just the same, thats good for rubbing in while your losing the weight after a bath.

I have started a full beauty regime as I was terrified of having lose skin, so first thing when I get out I use Palmers fiming cream not a nice smell but really works so arms, thighs bum and tum, I use soap and Glory firminator for arms twice a day and Sanctuary Spa body wrap £20 which comes with a big tub of mud and six huge bandages, its great once a week to pull in the skin and tighten it and works great with other fiming creams, so far so good my body has kept up, now all I need is exercise so joined the gym yesterday.

Hope this helps


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The dry skin is just on my face.

I don't do any moisturising on my body - I shall have to start I suppose but I just never seem to remember.


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I don't know if I can get bio-oil in Spain. I shall investigate and if not get some when I pop back in December.
How long does it take for your skin to sort itself out? It was so nice the first three weeks then it was ok for 2 weeks and now its just awful.
Don't know the answer to how long it will take for skin condition to improve but for me I have found that dry skin has responded well to the right moisturising treatment in a matter of a day or two.

Hope you get this sorted out alexice, as otherwise you sound so positive about CD, which is great x

Thanks witchy for info on bio-oil style products, I have the bio-oil but it is expensive. I have heard elsewhere that the non-brand variation is good so I will try it out when current stock depletes x
Blingbabe - I think you may have the right answer there actually - what you said was "the right moisturising treatment" ... I have just realsied that when i was in UK for the first 3 weeks of CD I was using my mum's Clinique moisturiser and now that I am back home in Spain I am using my own - it's still Clinique but a different kind.
Tomorrow I am off to get some the same as mum's - "Dramatically Different" and perhaps that will sort it out!
Hi alexice

Not sure if you are in a rural area or there are plenty of shops, but in situations when my skin has changed I have tried to get advice from a few beauty consultants at different counters and stores. Thats easy to do in a place like Oxford Street, eg. John Lewis store will have Clinique, Clarins, Liz Earle, Estee Lauder and so many more.
I would be drawn to certain products if a couple of the staff independently assessed me to need a particular approach.

I know that feeling as if you are not 'putting your best face forward' or whatever the right expression is, can make you feel negative about your appearance, and you really don't want this when you are following a strict diet like ours.
Hope you get this resolved soon x
I tried an Orlane sample I had last night and this morning and my skin looks much better but feels greasy to touch now. I think I am going to have to get the dramatically different from Clinique. I am going to see if I can wait until I get back to UK in Dec though cos it is cheaper there than in Spain.
Gave in and went and bought some Clinique Dramatically different. Came home and exfoliated then put it on and I feel like I look human again rather than zombie!
I use Vie at home (Virgin Vie) Vitamin C day cream and night cream from face and the sparkle capsules with dermalical stuff in them, my face feels amazing all day and night, really worth trying and not bad priced, but im obsessed with products and love Vie products, taking advantage that my friend is a consult to love buying stuff off her.
Ive used Nivea soft since i was a teenager and its so cheap (leaves me money to spend on more $hit lol)

I briefly went through a phase of Clinique gear but was crap in my opinion and wasnt a patch on what id been using... my skin is radiant even before CD and have very very few lines lol

Wonder if genetics plays a part?

Ive not encountered dry skin yet though on this diet ???? hope you get it all sorted.. as the diet moves on your skin might adjust x
I love Nivea sillotte, its a firm gel/cream and its heaven i use it on my tum
I think genetics must contribute, both my parents have always looked about 10 years younger than they are and hopefully a little of this has rubbed off on me.
I did smoke from teenager to 40 (gave up last August) but so far there doesn't seem to be evident damage.
As a QVC addict, I have been buying the brands like Elemis, Decleor, Liz Earle, Gatineau and Philosophy because of the Todays Special Value and other special offers, but do think good skin is primarily due to protection from the sun, hydration, sensible alcohol intake, proper nutrition etc - and of course, genes.

Keep saying that once current stock of products used up (and there is a lot!) I will revert back to straight-forward tried and trusted brand names.

My mum is never without her Oil of Olay!

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