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What do I do ~ Mmmmm

Ok, have been doing CD now for in excess of 130 days, very pleased with what I've lost to date and as you can see from my ticker, have 9lbs to get to my target weight of 9.7 ~ at 5ft 4in I could go as low as 7st 9lbs up to 10st 5lbs. Having dropped from 13st 5lbs to 10st 3lbs I am close to the top end of my healthy BMI at present.

The problem is my weight loss seems to be grinding to a halt ~ I know advice and the rules say I should be on the 1,000 plan by now ~ but I'm still on 790 (my choice).

Having jumped on the scales this evening I haven't lost anything at all since my WI last Thurs ~ possible it's even showing a 1lb gain :eek:, but that could be the diff between mine and my CDC's scales (not sure). At best I will have sts.

I get weighed again tomorrow and I know my CDC will insist (as she should) that I move onto the 1,000 plan ~ but if it's this slow on 790, well my thoughts are it'll stop altogether on 1,000 (I know that's illogical ~ but I can't stop thinking it).

I know on LL you can SS to target and seeing as my target is pretty much in the top half of my healthy range would it really matter if I ss'd to target ~ or is my body now starting to let me know that it's time to start eating healthly and therefore I should give the 1,000 plan a go and see if I can reach my target the "proper" way ~ I want to do this right, but I'm getting frustrated with the slow-down.
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congrats on getting so close to your target Domino. Im not an expert and hopefully one of the CDCs will be along shortly, but Im sure there are good reasons why you should be on 1000 cal plan by now. You may find that increasing your calories will kick start your metabolism again and start getting the last few pounds moving for you.
Hi there

I'm in a very similar position as you - my weight loss has slowed right down. Infact, it only sped up when i ate abit more during a 3 day break abroad recently.

I was doing 790 up until last Friday and I am now doing 790 plus all of the fruit on the 1000 plan as I fancy abit more to eat and I figured that my loss couldnt slow down any more! First wi on Friday so we will see (mind you, it wont be accurate as i had a birthday blow out last weekend)

I was tempted to go back to SSing just to blast that last bit of weight away but i think the danger is that you would then be at risk of gaining quicker when moving up the plans.

Why dont you join my last half a stone to lose thread (9lbs can count as half a stone!)? Think it takes a real shove to get these last few pounds off and we can all give eachother tips on anything we've found that helps

Thanks wl8 :) and Jo :)

Yep will search out the 'last half stone' thread and join you guys ~ enjoy group threads coz you always get help and good stories.

I reckon my metabolism has taken a nose dive and seeing as I'm thinking of signing up to be a CDC I should follow the plans properly so that when (or if) it comes to it I can give some first hand advice to folks that might end up in a similar position.

So I think the plan will be to move onto 1,000 ~ I mean eating 1,000 kcals should still mean I lose weight even if it's right slow, coz my basal metabolic rate has just gotta be higher than that.


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The reason that you must not do SS or 790 under BMI of 25 plus one stone is because your body needs the extra calorie intake. A body under a BMI of 25 plus one stone does not have the fat reserves to accommodate a VLCD.

If you persist with SS or 790 the weight loss will grind to a halt, which you have already found.
Dont forget than when you have a normal BMI then if you SS or 790 you wont lose fat, you culd lose muscle mass, and thats not good.

Its deffo time for 1000 and the stages for you x
Thks stbg & Vicky ~ very well put both of you. I suppose I kinda posted this knowing it was really time to move on and up, just wanted to get a 2nd opinion or three :)

I agree that I think the reason my weight loss has slowed so much is my body is saying 'enough is enough' and it's always a good idea to listen to ones self :D

So will carry on with 790 til the wkend and move onto 1000 on Monday, which is when my new week starts. I expect/hope to be posting some positive news on the weight loss front at the WI next Thurs ~ fingers crossed.
Hi, i am in same boat as you, i have 6lbs left to get to goal (have lost just over 5.5 stone and the weight loss has ground to a halt...i've been having 3 packs a day plus some fruit & veg so am averaging about 1100 calories a day, which seems to be still quite low, but am not really losing, think i've lost about 1lb in the past 2 weeks. However, there has been some sneaky chocolate creeping in so perhaps its that. I am DETERMINED i will get to goal however long it takes as like so many peeps, if i stop now, i think i won't do the maintenance properly and end up just gaining. It is really hard tho now, but i guess if i've stuck it since Feb, another 6 weeks won't kill me. Am going for my WI on Saturday so will see what my CD says.
Good luck everyone!



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I had an aam week at the beginning of sept and have been on 790 since and my losses have slowed down more than I had hoped, especially when you read that most people have very similar losses to SS when following 790.

I had been hoping to be on the 1200 plan by now :rolleyes: but due to my slower losses have chosen to stay on 790 for a few extra weeks - when I have spent more than 10 years being overweight/obese a few extra weeks of stabilisation/diet is a compromise I am more than willing to make even if it is a little frustrating :sigh:. I am very close to BMI 25 now so will be moving up to 1000 on the weekend.

Thank you everyone for this discussion - it is nice to know I am not the only one who has experienced a bit of a 790-slow-down. My CDC said something similar to Sam when I saw her this week - she said that she has other clients who when near goal had slower losses than anticipated on 790 and when they moved up to the next level saw better losses again so heres hoping :p.

Domino you have done so well - good luck with your WI today and I look forward to meeting you in person on saturday!


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