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What do I do?


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Hey everyone,

My cdc has just text to say she can't make my appt. this weekend due to the bad weather. I have a few Celebrity Slim packs randomly so I can probably get through Sunday without seeing her, but any longer and I won't have anything to use...

Should I go on Atkins or something - I don't really want to start eating but I can't afford to come out of ketosis... HELP!!!!

Does anyone have any advice/thoughts?

Thankyou in advance xxx
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ok, if it was me I would eat loads of chicken - plain. But if this is not appealing for you - maybe ask her if she knows anyone who is a CDC nearer you so you can get some from them temoprarily. At least then you could tide yourself over iykwim?

A x


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Yes ...hunt down another CDC that might be able to get you out of a pickle..... or.... slim fast if your really desperate? with no carb meal for dinner.

Id go with the hunting down another CDC

This is why i like making my own way to my CDC lol dont like waiting in for folk does my head in :D


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I have had he same problem...this is my 1st week and my CDC cannot make my appointment due to the weather. I have just been on the website and rang another CDC, explained the situation and she is willing to help me out, so I'm going to see her tonight. It's worth trying others as you don't want to ruin your hard work.

Good luck x


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She's my nearest CDC - the difficulty around here, is that everywhere is bad, and so it wouldn't really matter who I tried. I can't go out as the roads immediately around my house are really bad. It wouldn't be so bad for her as she could leave her car down the road and walk up, but I can't really teleport past the bad bit in my car to get to the clear roads :(

I have text her to see when she can get to me. I should be able to get out of the house on Monday, although they have forecast further snow over the weekend so it doesn't look good. If I can, then hopefully it will be clear enough for her to get to me, so she can come.

Such a pain in the bum


I don't have any slimfast, although that has a lot of sugar in so don't think I could do that - good idea though!


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could you not walk out to meet her somewhere? or does she live too far away. I have enough cd for another week, but after that if the snow is still about I'll walk to cdc's house as she lives on a hilly estate.


i love minimins me :)
nikki hun if i posted u some tomorrow would u get them on monday? i have some old ones which are still in date if thats any use?



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Aww thanks stace you're a doll! Bless you :) that's so kind. Have spoken to my CDC and she is going to come on Monday evening. So I have enough to get me through to Monday morning - think I might just have to have 2 shakes on Sunday and an 810 sized meal, then have the last 1 on Monday morning, with the other 2 once I've seen CDC. I know it's not strictly allowed to only have 2 shakes but I don't have much choice!

So think I'll be ok thanks hun :) xxxx