what do u have for breakfast?


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I admit I'm lazy in the mornings and usually just have some kind of cereal... sometimes maybe add half a bagel with some topping to that. Occasionally I will have a 2 egg omelette with a couple of potato waffles. I try to keep my breakfast around 400 calories, not including my morning tea(s) ;)

Not very inspiring or creative I know, sorry.


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I don't eat in the mornings unless I'm very hungry which is rare!

I'd either have

2 slice of hovis wheatgerm bread (53 cals per plice) With tesco healthy living jam think its about 20 cals per 30g or something like that.

30g or either corn flakes (121 cals) or 30g bran flakes (92cals) with semi skimmed milk which I never count.Think you're supposed to have about a quarter of a pint a day this includes milk for tea and coffee.


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i always have a choice of three cereals to chose from so i dont get bored. i either have tesco healthy living branflakes, shredded wheat bitesize or Crunchy nut.

i tend not to eat any bread in the mornings as i find it makes me feel very "podgy" after, as it bloats my stomach.

i really love my cereal in the morning, and because i alternate my cereals on a daily basis i never get bored.
* Branflakes is a great high fibre breakfast
* Shredded wheat bitesize fills me up soooo much
* Crunchy nut are good for those sugar craving days....its soo yummy.

also i like to have a good high fibre, high carb breakfast to fuel me up for the day. xx


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thanks everyone... what foods make u more hungry?

mine is poridge - by about 11am my tummy is grumpy. and thats breaky at 8am when i get into work...

what else triggers your hunger pangs?


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I think low GI tends to fill me up more, so white toast would have me feeling hungry again before lunch, but my fave golden syrup porridge keeps me full and is only 135 cals when I make it up with water (can't taste the difference milk makes) so I usually have fruit too :)


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I usuall have porridge, because it's quick and easy..and lasts me until lunch or longer.

I grab a handful of frozen berries which I just keep in a box in the freezer, and add a spoonful of greek yoghurt after it's cooked (for the protein).

At other times I add raisins and cinnamon before cooking, or if time, a chopped apple.

I m/wave it in the bowl while I do other things.

Sometimes I have a smoothie with frozen mango (or berries again), yoghurt and milk.

At the weekend I have more time for egg on toast or something different.

Even though I'm so busy in the morning, I do try to sit down for breakfast. It used to always be eaten while I was moving around:eek:

Now I make time for breakfast, and try to put the heavy schedule around it.

Strange how we human being put so little emphasis on the things that keep us alive and well...rushing through it as if it's just not important to us.


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hmmm i mite start having poridge at work again and then a banana at lunch, that might be a good idea. Spesh with winter deff with us.


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I have either omellette (four egg whites, one yolk) with rice pudding (home made and pre-tubbed in the fridge) or with a piece of wholemeal or granary or seeded/nut/brown bread with peanut butter on it and a large mug of green tea...or oatmeal with powdered sweetener on it...or my home made muesli (goji berries, oats, bran flakes, soya bran, milled flax seeds, raisins, dessicated coconut, soya nuts) with a dessert spoon of hemp oil and skimmed milk...also take various vitamins and supplements with brekkie too...creatine when I am on cycle (which will be December next)...

Sometimes I just have a big protein shake or bar (meal replacement)
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some good food there. going tescos 2moro morning so will have to look see what i can find.
For breakfast I have a bowl of Allbran with soya milk. It keeps me topped up pretty much all the way to tea time. :)
i like to keep my cereal around 300 cals.

i have either a small bowl of crunchy oatbakes 154 cals (i generally have a smaller serving) instead of milk i put water, everyone laughs at me about that xD but i dnt taste a difference. and a shapes yogurt 75 cals

229 cals at most with that one

or i have scrambled eggs and beans, thats on weekends :D, still about 300 cals and fills me up

occasionally i will have scotch pancakes hehe with butter and honey on. i know its bad but a nice treat.

or wholemeal sunflower toast with honey or naughty treat, peanut butter :3


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...and honey on. i know its bad but a nice treat.

...or naughty treat, peanut butter :3

Er, nothing naughty about honey or peanut butter, they are whole foods after all and very healthy if eaten in moderation...
nah i know honey's good i meant the pancakes on that one :D

i love nuts tho, but i always heard you shouldn't have them as they are full of fat and calories :( so i always presumed peanut butter is bad, but i do love crunchy peanut butter. x x x


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Well, yeah, but no...nuts are high in protein and good fat...if a handful or so is consumed as a snack, you will be getting loads of good nutrients from them. If, on the other hand you eat a whole bag then that is bad...Honey is pure carbs, some say akin to sugar itself, but I suppose it is a lesser evil than white sugar...I suppose as I have had issues with food in the past that I have more or less overcome, I now see a balance and no food is bad per se...white flour, white sugar and processed foods generally are 'bad' (as would be any foodstuff that one is allergic to or causes the body to react badly) but again eaten in moderation, they pose no great problems if one balances it out with good nutrition.

I was just picking up on the categorisation of something that 'diets' and sometimes 'dieticians', or at least the ones that promote weight loss programmes often do. Yeah cutting out fat (or sometimes all fat as some people do, which is dangerous) certainly cuts calories, but cutting out nuts which are full of great, healthful nutrients seems a little off balance to me...a bit like avoiding avocados and bananas for various reasons...so go ahead and call peanut butter and even pancakes good food if consumed with healthy stuff...

I look at it this way - all food eventually becomes bad for one if one is overconsuming it and creating a caloric overload to the body (not that one can necessarily overeat the good stuff that much).

'Scuse the ramble, I just hate to see good foods vilified.
:) nah not a ramble, learned some good stuff there, and now i can enjoy my nuts and peanut butter without thinking woops.

i must say i find it irritating as well, when so many different fads and what not label some food as no go, yet on another place they say its good. It's like they basically say cut out a complete food group and be deficient in it will get you 'healthy'

like wine, they say a glass a day is good for your heart now they are saying drinking any is health risk.

i guess everything in moderation, i'm just not very good at that, i'm one or the other :(


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gosh everyone is so creative with breakfast. i think i gotta branch out from bagels. have some shredded wheat 2moro... come on at least its a change!
Scrambled eggs by Indian chef Anjum Anand:
small knob butter
teaspoon oil
1/4 of a small onion, sliced
1/2 a tomato, chopped
1/2 a green chilli, de-seeded and chopped
small handful coriander, leaves and stalk chopped
pinch of salt
2 eggs

melt butter and oil in small saucepan
fry onion for a few minutes until soft
whisk eggs with the salt, tomato, chilli and coriander, then add to the onion, and scramble with fork until cooked

I like it on a slice of wholemeal toast


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Nice recipe! I just had plain old bran sticks and then a two egg omellette this morning (plain)...will try to spice it up as above, much more palatable I'm sure...

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I tend to alternate between 2 x scrambled eggs with 1 x ww thick slice wholemeal, or Sainsburys TTD jumbo oats made with milk and a sprinkling of their TTD fruit/nut/seed mix.

Both keep me full until lunch, but the eggs have the edge :drool: