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What do u think?

Ive been on ss for 11 weeks 2moro. I only have the shakes cos I cant even bear 2 look at the soups! I have never had any of the bars, just because I felt fine on the 3 shakes but now am starting 2 dread the next shake! I actually like the taste of them but I just think boredom has set in! I was just wondering if I start with the bars after 11 weeks will it effect my weight loss? or worse still make me start feeling hungry and wanting real food!? I think that the reason I have stuck with cd is the fact all food has been removed so Im worried that the bars 4 me would b the 1st step 2 munchville! Ha.
Any advice is greatly received!
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have you tried making the shakes with ice cubes about 8/10 cubes splash of water or 4 ice cubes and 20ml water changes the taste and texture .Or having them warm chocolate or banana and nice warm .
My fav was psyillium husks 2 teaspoons added to warm vanilla shake lovely .I also used to freeze the tetras you need to take them out of freezer 30 to 60 mins before you want to eat them .Or warming them in microwave .There is also a recipe thread for making muffins and cheesecake things on here too.
As to the bars I had 1 a day all the way through my CD journey with no ill effects and found them yummy lol
Good luck hun you doing great dont give up yet there are lots of things to try xx
I have them with more water and ice cubes at the mo and i relly like them its just a bit repetitive!. I have seen other ppl writing about the other stuff u mentioned so maybe i will give them a try.
thanks mandy x


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i have just started havin the bars and they are lovely a really nice change ..just gives a bit more variety. dnt think it should make any differece to loss only a few carbs more .. varies from person 2 person ..give it a go for a week or have 1 every other day dnt think it will do any harm ... good luck x


I've had a bar a day since starting and it doesn't make me want to eat - quite the opposite, I feel as if I HAVE eaten, so makes it easier.....plus they are YUM!


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I'm just having the bars after a week in. I can recommend them for a change (I hate soup more than once a month at the best of times.)
I don't know how your CDC is about swapping, but if I buy something I don't like she will swap any others I have for something else, so perhaps you could get a couple to try, if you like them get more, if not then ask them to swap them for Shakes. (Also if you think they are too tempting to eat 'real' chocolate.)

I am finding I am stuffed after 1 with a cuppa at night, when I could have eaten Actual chocolate bars by the bucket load. You never know till you try, and if you have a good councillor you're sorted.


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I find the Cambridge bars very filling, and so love them! I am another who used to shovel in chocolate bar after chocolate bar (hell i didnt get to over 23st by eating salad), however I find the CD bars so so satisfying, and also incredibly filling! So much so that I will often eat one throughout the course of the day rather than all in 1 go, and have my other 2 shakes around this!
I would feel lost without a bar now, I have one a day (usually lunch) and I feel like I am having a treat. Does not make me want to eat anything else at all, in fact they keep me on track.


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and from the 1st of sept there will be porridge as well so a bit more choice


Loves being slim!
These bars sound yummy! what are the nicest as im on week one and shakes only, what would you recommend?
If you like Cadburys fudges go with Caramel. The peanut one tastes like snickers. The Malt toffee on is lovely.
I can honestly say, as a confirmed chocolate addict you can't go wrong. (I'm told the cranberry one is good too but I've not tried it.....yet...)

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