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what do yoo use your syns on?


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i want to go for 100% week... but only way I can do that is avoid chocolate as I can't just eat a little :mad: so until im stronger I'm not buying it in! ;)

I use sweetener in coffee.. so I don't even have sugar as a syn...

but I was thinking could I use my syns in a meal? instead of on little things..

like my fav lasagner...
pasta sheets - free
cheese - healthy extra B
lean mince - free
But my fav is the dolmio sauces could I use my syns on this? if i have small portion and eat with salad?
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That's fine - work out the syn value of the jar & then portion size - great way of using syns.

I use mine on little things - either in meals or snacks like a bag of crisps for 4 syns, or tsp butter/mayo with lunch etc
Recently, I seem to use my syns on naughty treats like funsize chocolate bars & mikados.

But normally they go on things like blue dragon sweet chilli dipping sauce, tomato ketchup, salad cream, Linda McCartney Sausages :) yum!


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Most of my syns are used on alcohol and sauces but you can use your syns on anything you fancy!

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I use my syns for Hellmanns extra light mayo 0.5 syns per lvl tbsp, Asda cheese curls 3.5 syns, Asda Eat Smart tomato sauce 0.5 syns per lvl tbsp, Tesco gravy granules 2 syns per 100ml, 1oz cheese - 6 syns, Curly wurly 6 syns and Mikados 0.5 syns per stick.


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I use my syns on sweet additions like honey in yogurt, sugar in porridge, maple syrup on french toast etc, salad dressings and oil/butter in my cooking.

I think a smart way to use your syns is to incorporate them into your meals or use them as a meal instead of in addition to your free foods. I.e. If you eat a bagel for breakfast (11.5 syns :eek: ) you'll be eating a lot less that day than if you ate your free breakfast, lunch and dinner and then the bagel. Even though both ways are correct, you'll probably have more impressive weight losses with the former choice.


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yea.... I want this 'diet' to work so if i can get the syns to work with what i like so i'm not really changing my life... just portion size and healthier choices then i KNOW i can do it for life....

before i started slimming world i could go all day not being hungry then eating large meal with hubby at night after he finishes work...

now im eating breakfast lunch and dinner!
this is what i usually do (1st week i was really good this week ive lost it)

breakfast - bran flakes - healthy extra B 250ml semi skimmed milk (used on breakfast and coffee) healthy extra A
snacks - any fruit i have in
lunch - jacket spud + beans + salad (or savoury rice etc)
dinner - i have been cooking some slimming world things but not enjoying them think thats why ive gone down hill 2nd week
so if can use some of syns on here and enjoy what i eat think i can get there..

drinks - water (fizzy drinks maksme bloat and dnt really like fruit juices lol) (before diet i '4got' to drink as silly as that sounds)


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you all sound likeyou are where you want to be with syns and found your 'ideal' solution... thats where i need to be


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good luck - i think using syns on 'foods' rather than 'treats' is an excellent idea, but i think i am fair to say that some weeks you need a fix of chocolate, or the whole SW plan could fall in on itself, by a rebellious streak...dont deprive yourself totally, just limit the amount you eat of your treats! xxx


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I will be having treats when im stable... but tbh at moment i'm not comfortable enough to stop at one! my partner don't like chocolate... and trying to get children to eat more good than bad.. so if i had chocolate in house it be just for me...


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I use mine syns on

Nescafe Skinny Capuchinno's and Latte's
Gravy granules
Flora Extra Light Spread
Stirfry sauces
Asda Cheesy Curls
Light Coconut Milk
Tinned fruit
The ocassional chocolate treat


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I started off by using my syns as treats. But as i have gone along I find I use them in my main meals, adding a little extra cheese to a pasta dish, creme fraiche to mushroom stroganoff seems to do it for me, makes the meals not so plain and makes meals seem like my treats.


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I will be having treats when im stable... but tbh at moment i'm not comfortable enough to stop at one! my partner don't like chocolate... and trying to get children to eat more good than bad.. so if i had chocolate in house it be just for me...
could you not get something like a curly wurly (single bar) from the shop, they are 6 syns and are my lifesaver if i have a choc need....

If you bought one at a time, maybe that would help hunnie? x


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yea :) im still learning this is amazing help and only been on here 2 days lol ... before found this site i never thought id get through a week 100% but going for it this week....

think it helps when advice comes from people that are succeeding...esp in before and after some of girls/guys look totally different shows what a few stone does!

the thing with me befor this i never really enjoyed food so i have no clue what to use syns on as ive ate so many bad things no sure what i actually 'like' and cant live without...

my fav meals are:
sweet n sour chicken
shepherds pie
spag bol
steak and chips
snday roast
chicken stir fry
chicken korma/tikka


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yea :) ....

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