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What do you all do.....


Finally a size 12!
sit on my hands ha ha ha no but seriously i glug water go for a walk clean the house anything to take my mind of it x


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LOL!!!! I think I will go for a walk. I can't go too far though as I always need the loo with all this water :)
Have you tried playing a video game? :eek: My Mom lost so much weight when I got her a DS/Cooking Mama.. Which is weird you cook alot of food in it, But it gets your mind off things.
Funny, I only started today and have got the chilli soup in front of me - its vile!!!!!!!!

Its so powdery. Going to try and get it all down with copious amounts of water!! Are the others as bad? I have the chicken and mushroom, vegetable and tomato at home....
hun i hate the soups too but i make crisps out of them and they are lovely and also helps you with knowing your chewing something so it acctuly feels like your eating x
there all rank!
all you do to make the crisps is put the soup powder in a bowl and add water to make a paste then put onto baking paper or a plate (it does stick so be carfull when you take them off) then put them into the microwave and cook until slightly hard but not burned, they burn very very quick x
I have a cup of reduced salt marigold boullion - I hate the soup's. My cdc said i could have a cup a day - but i only have 1 a week when the savoury cravins are to strong.


Step away from the chips!
Chilli Soup & Spicy Tom make nice crisps as previously suggested. Also i like "chicken & mushroom stuffing" made from the c & m soup.

I also hated the soups at the start but have found now i can manage some of them ok.

Also a lot of people have a cup of hot Marigold Bouillon for their savoury fix. I did at the start but find it way too salty now plus since i rediscovered the soups lol dont really feel the need to have it anymore :)
Defo boullion. I have it even when i'm not on CD, as does my OH xx

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