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What do you crave?


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What foods do you find yourself craving (past or present)? And, how do you deal with it?

I have a thing for cereal bars. I could easily eat 8 or 9 a day. I'm using some of my syns for cereal bars and I'm enjoying them because I know they're limited and instead of gulping it down and reaching for another, I'm enjoying the taste.
I also LOVE Nandos - chicken pitta and chips. I'm going to make my own SW Nandos meal on the weekend and see how it goes. ;)
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Huge doorstep white bread cheese sandwiches...... I have WW bread and an ounce of extra mature cheddar and fill it with tomatoes, lettuce and onion instead.
Not quite the same but there are so many lovely foods on SW that I try to think of what I CAN have than what I CAN'T!! Still, even after 2 years, I still get the cravings for old foods....


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sweet = Cold Wispas

Savour = Cheese on Toast or Crusty roll with cheese / onion and mayo.



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Strangely enough nothing at present, I am still so focused on losing weight - but it is only a month into the diet and I am sure I will start to crave a chicken madras, pilau rice and lime pickle before to long........I loooovveee curry.


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Funnily enough i'm like Donnie. I don't really crave anything usually, though i've wanted chocolate this week as it's a *week. Normally though it's been fine. Sometime i think a full indian or chinese will have to take place but 'cause i know i'm going to it means i don't crave it!


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i dont really tend to crave things but on the odd occasion that i do i have it like the other morning it was cheese on toast so i had it for breakfast using my HEa and b, if i denied myself i would crave it all the more then have loads of the stuff


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chocolate and buscuits and some bakery items oh and fish and chips lol and i'm only on my third week. I lost the first week and didn't lose the second week and i've had a sneaky peek already this week and showing no signs of it moving i must be doing something wrong lol


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Domino's pizza - drool, slaver, grunt, sigh :sigh:

Warburtons white toastie made into toast with real butter and marmalade :(

Thai Green cury with coconut rice, steamed vermicelli and thai crackers from the local take away :cry:

Its all too much for me to continue :p


I will succeed!!!
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I adore bread and cheese...both of which seem to adore my hips.

I do miss crusty white bread (the kind you cut) and goats cheese...sigh.

I also really miss galazy chocolate, oreos and those scrummy biccies in the blue box where the top half has a thick layer of chocolote on it (forget the name, but my trolley goes to that aisle on auto at Sainsburys) hehe.

Flippin' eck I am wanting chocolate now but will be strong and have raspberries instead (meh).

;) x


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crusty bread, butter and cheese


chewy sweets (like refresher bars)

oops - i forgot my favourite... lemon and coriander hummous!
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Hot crust bloomer bread and real butter
Good pork pie and mustard
Megga rich curry and the pickles
Chocolate in any shape or form
Cornish icecream with maple syrup
All my home made cakes made with real butter and cream etc
vol au vants with all those luvly prawn, chicken, egg and mayo fillings

OMG I gotta stop now I'm depressing myself:sigh:


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sweet: chocolate ... chocolate smothered sweet pancakes.
Savory: fish n chips, Indians, white toasty bread, white toasties with loads of cheese, ham and onions.......... i'm starving now - best ave an apple :'( x

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