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What do you do if you go off plan ?

I know I shouldn't be thinking like this after a week and I actually don't feel the need to cheat but.....

It was my 40th in July and Mr M had said he'd take me to London for Lunch at a Michelein restuarant.
We have to wait until Sept until the girls are back at school. I know I could probably easily do a PV day but I don't want to. This will be the first time I've eaten in a posh restaurant (and probaly will be until my 50th )so I want to pick what I want off the menu. And enjoy it rather than worry about it.
So what do I do after ? Go back on attack ? A few PP days ? Or just not go until I'm in Consolidation (making me almost 42 for my 40th birthday meal :cry:)
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I eat out in nice places for lunch most weekends - if you look at my diary you can see the sort of things. In my experiance a higher end place has much better food choices, lightly cooked and seasonal. Last weekend I had smoked salmon and crayfish to start - the salmon was worlds apart from the packet stuff. I have had some wonderful fish dishes without heavy sauces. I ask the chef for no potatoes etc and if I have mussels which I love I ask to go very light on the cream. I haven't had a pudding out so cant advise there. But the smarter place you go the easier the Dukan choice.

Have a lovely time.

PS post a link to the restaurant so we can see a sample menu.
This is how I cope

Start by assuming you are on a pv day.

Say no to bread.

Order water right away - a bottle, so you can keep topping up.

If you chose to drink wine, order it a glass at a time, rather than by the bottle - that makes it easier to stop at one delicious glass.

Try to make the choices which are highest in protein and lowest in fat and carbs - so beef, chicken, fish or shellfish rather than pasta, rice, pate, roast pork.

Don't order potatoes - pick salads or veg instead.

Enlist the waiter's help - ask for any sauces or dressing on the side.
Then dip your fork in the sauce to add a touch of flavour as you eat.

If you aren't sure what you can eat - chose fat over carbs (so yes to cheese or pork, no to pasta or pastry).

If you can bear to, skip desert and go straight to coffee - or have cheese, instead.

The make sure the next day is pp - do two pp days in a row if you can, drink lots of water, take long walks.
Thanks. All that you say makes perfect sense. And its what I'll do if we eat out other times. But this is my 40th present. I don't want to have to choose what suits, I want to choose what I want. So do I do attack after and start again ? Or just carry on ? On a few PP days ?
When I went a little crazy for three days in May (no fridge, no supermarkets, no kitchen, no will power, no excuses) I followed up with 3 pp days, then swung back into normal cruise.

(but the advice about the water, and saying no to bread still stands)

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