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what do you do to take your mind off it?

good afternoon folks.
I was just wondering what do you do to take your mind off the hunger and what do you do to keep going. I'm on day 4 and so far so good but at times i feel weak but i do not want to give in, I cant give in, not yet, I have 159ish pounds to lose, or i did a few days ago, I have just had a large cup of coffee for something different, i never drink coffee and its made me feel sick and shaky with all the energy buzzing through my body, i dont like it one bit.
I read a lot of posts on here and it has helped no end. as i can see that it CAN be done. i want to be the one who CAN. i want to show all the ones that laugh at me mucking about for the last 20 years trying to lose the weight and only succeeding in putting yet more weight on!.
soooooooooooooo, any help for trudging thru the hours will be a great help.
got to go, i need a pee!
thank you
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Determind dieter :D
Well done for making the choice to do this diet...its not easy but it gives excellent results :)

I find drinking plenty of water keeps me going...but have back up plans such as reading, listening to music, painting your nails as a good way to distract yourself. You can lose yourself on this site for hours reading people's stories for motivation ;) x x x Good luck honey x x x
I find going to town works for me. I don't tend to buy anything I just look and think - soon I will be able to have that. It takes my mind off food and drink for a while and I just keep my water in my bag to drink as I wonder, and treat myself to another bottle if I feel I really need to buy something!!!
Good luck and keep going.
I'm now day 12 and not having any problems with hunger but I do have a trouble convincing myself I don't need to eat!!!
x x x
I find that sipping water regularly keeps the hunger pangs at bay. I find the day's I'm not drinking water regularly I get hungry. Once you have had a first weigh in this will give you the motivation to keep going.
I'm on day 5 and really try to keep myself busy and the mind occupied. It is all about filling that void that food once filled and more so actually realising not everything involves food (which i used to think) I read, listen to music, do a bit of skinny window shopping online, pamper myself, clean like an ocd nutcase and of course, best of all use this site and all its wonderful posters for support and motivation.

Like others have said the water stops the hunger pains when they kick in so always carry that with you and if you fancy a change drink a sparkling water every now and then (as someone suggested to me) it really does make a refreshing change. Also i'm not a tea drinker but there is some teas you can have i believe as seen it mentioned on here by a fair few posters. :) x
i like peppermint tea. i purchased 3 boxes yesterday...why so many! to avoid shopping!!! it was so so hard doing the shopping the other day and not buying me anything and just buying it for my 5 year old son, so i am avoiding it like the plague!.
I am getting to be quite the domestic goddess with the cleaning. normally i hate housework and dont do much but the energy i have and the trying to ignore the hunger is keeping me moving.
time for my choccy shake then a pee!!!!!...again!!!!! lol

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