What do you do when it is your Birthday ??

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Shelle Belle, 22 October 2008.

  1. Shelle Belle

    Shelle Belle Well-Known Member

    It is my birthday next week and I am planning on being off the diet for about 4 days. I was just wondering whether anyone sticks to their diet on their birthday or do you treat yourself?? I am looking forward to it but by the end of the 4 days I am sure I will feel as guilty as sin.
  2. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    No way! I am totally off plan on my birthday and I don't feel guilty for it. SW has to fit around my life, I refuse to fit my life around any diet.
  3. mod-karen79

    mod-karen79 rainbows holiday buddy :)

    when it was my boyfriends birthday i planned to take 2 days off plan, but it turned out to be 4! i managed to gain around 5lbs that week!!!

    when my birthday comes around i will eat what i like for 2 days and get back on it....hopefully!
  4. janie.com

    janie.com Well-Known Member

    i would have a blowout on my birthday then get back on the plan.........birthday once a year........got another 51 weeks to make up for it...........
  5. Louise24

    Louise24 Well-Known Member

    I agree...... my birthday is 2 days before Xmas, so I just have the whole week off, is about the only positive point about being born at that time. x
  6. Shelle Belle

    Shelle Belle Well-Known Member

    Excellent point. Now I won't feel guilty. I can't wait for the weekend.
  7. Force Ten

    Force Ten Serial Dieter

    It's my birthday next week too! I aim to thoroughly enjoy myself for a couple of days and then get back on plan again. Weigh in is actually on my birthday so I shall go out afterwards and then hopefully manage to lose the excess by the following week lol.:D
  8. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    That's what I do when my birthday is on WI day, I go to early WI then kick back and enjoy myself!
  9. emski

    emski Well-Known Member


    Just Celebrate

  10. Gene Genie

    Gene Genie Mad as cheese

    I totally plan on not dieting on my birthday its my 30th so im going to make the most of it. I have already told Mr G i want breakfast in bed, lunch in a nice cafe and dinner in a nice quite country pub, oh and as its just before christmas were going to look round the christmas markets so that will involve lots of mulled wine , mince pies n gingerbread n generally bad for me stuff OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH i cant flippin wait! i am stopping on plan over xmas including christmas day which will just be a plain old red day otherwise i will start on the cack food on the 22nd for my b'day and not stop till new year!

    Your birthday is one day a year so as long as you get straight back on and be good afterwards i dont see the problem with having days off, (says her who is having a week off at the mo!)

    Gen x
  11. Taz

    Taz Spam Hunter

    mmmm I love mulled wine!
  12. MrsEdz

    MrsEdz Well-Known Member

    It's my 40th in a couple of weeks and I'm going out to dinner and having a nice meal.. the diet can wait for a day.. already had to give up going away and a party due to lack of funds.. sure as hell not giving up everything.. I am confident I can get back on track so not worried.
  13. Mindy

    Mindy Dreaming of being slim!

    have a great birthday hunny. its my 30th in march and we are gonna london for the weekend i will be having those three days off plan cant wait.
  14. Treats

    Treats Well-Known Member

    Just wondered have any of you wondered like I have... why having a few days off you can pile on so much... I mean I had a week off and I put on 4Ib and I hardly ate anything... it does worry me as although this is a life changing habit that we are doing...... how disheartening it we have to be on it so strict for the rest of our lives?

    Did I make sense there.....???

    Oh happy birthday for everyone and don't forget to send me a piece of cake from yes,.,,,,,, all of your cakes hahaha!!
  15. Msblue

    Msblue Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, newbie here :)
    I had my 40th a couple of weeks ago, about 6 weeks into my SW jaunt, WI the week before, had four mega birthday days/nights then straight back on it and had still lost 1lb the following WI.
    Loving SW by the way, and really enjoying trying some of the recipes on here :)

    Have lost 16lb, another 28 to go!
  16. Starlight

    Starlight Well-Known Member

    Im having several days over a 2 week period off. Was away last week for 3 days and am out tomorrow with my pal, then Friday is my birthday so a posh lunch in the afternoon and a buffet at night then a night out with my pals on Saturday.

    I dont usually take so much off but hey Im only 40 once and I KNOW Ill be back on track on Sunday

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